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23.10.2006 00:42
Patti Harrison

Dear Mairead, Such passion when you play the fiddle. I truly love celtic music, well country music, as I live in Tucson Arizona, and I truly love bluegrass music and again country music and celtic music, and being able to hear the Celtic Women CD, just totally blew me away. I will be buying all of the CD's of you and your sister players and singers with Celtic Women. All of you bring me to a different world and time, such beautiful voices and playing of the instuments!
21.10.2006 07:06

HI there,

I came across the Celtic Woman CD by chance and it didnt take long for me to realize who you we're. Couple of years back, I get my copy of Lord of The Dance and see a fiddle played like I've never seen. Such power and passion, it made me forget about the dancing and I wanted to see your solo over and over again. Your performance made me appreciate and instrument I hadn't taken notice of in the past.
I'm an actor by trade with little or no musical background and i have to admit, this is the first bit of fan mail I've EVER sent to anyone. I just hope you get to read this. I look forward to having the opportunity to see you live here in the states one day.
19.10.2006 04:58
Garry Hillman

I dont ever write like this but you have inspired me to take up the violin. When I saw you in Lord of the Dance and Celtic Woman I was awstruck to see you play the fiddle with such grace. I can tell you enjoy playing and even dancing across the stage. It sounds so beautiful. I am 45 yrs. old and finally found something that I enjoy doing. Playing the violin puts me in a most enjoyable place and allows me to put the stress of life aside for awhile. My teacher playes in three different orchestras in sowthwest Florida and started playing when she was 2-1/2 yrs. old. I ractice every chance I get and when I hit the harder lessons I just listen to your music and see the possibilities with practice. You have a gift to play and I thought it warranted telling you how much you touched my life and I am sure you have done the same with others as well. Also my wife has taken up the violin with me and it gives us something to do together that is not work related. Thank's for the inspiration.
17.10.2006 16:57

Hello, I was wondering if there are plans to make another solo album in the near future? Thanks Mike
15.10.2006 07:49
F.F. Joey Virts

I enjoy your music that you played with the other ladies on Celti Woman. I own both the cd and the dvd. I enjoy them each both the same amount. They are very inspiring and they make you think. Thanks for the great music.

F.F. Joey Virts
14.10.2006 00:44
Kirk N. Walker

Raining Up......very inspiring......will the beauty with the bow do solo US shows before the CW 2 tour???

The little girl dancing on the world stage, The beautiful woman dancing with a bow across strings, May the Lord always hear her as her fiddle sings
Her Irish heart behold
The story her music has told
An artist wand with magnificent sound
Beauty elsewhere, never to be found
11.10.2006 18:51

Hello Mairead,
I´ve seen you in the DVD Celtic Women and I was charmed from your wonderful playing.
Best greetings from Germany and sorry for my english.

08.10.2006 09:08
Charlie Brock

By the way...Hope Alexa shared the Texas Teddy's with you all. She is a great friend to us both.
Without her, the trip to Slane from Texas was unsure.
Sharon at Celtic Mews is charming too.
Please say thanks to Peter and David for the warm reception. We are honored to make friends with all.
Come see us in the USA soon....
Texas loves the Celtic Angels...Charlie
08.10.2006 08:59
Charlie Brock

The new Christmas CD is wonderful. Guess what my family is getting for Christmas....early?
Mairead...your violin/fiddle is a voice of it's own. Whether classical violin or playful dancing fiddler...the bow and it's mate in your crafty hands is singing with harmony or leading a song through every funky note with bright energy, or the grace of an angel on a cloud. You and your violin were blessed by God as one. Always accept that gift and share your passion forever....Perfection is reserved for only a few. Bless you, Charlie
04.10.2006 21:09
Irish Heart

Mairead, I swore I wasn't going to do it. I would be sensible & in November I would drop by Barnes & Noble and pick up "A Christmas Celebration". Then I heard the clips online. Needless to say within an hour of opening the 3rd I wiped out my local B&N of all their CW Christmas Albums and sent the extras off to Michelle, Meesa & Karyl, and Mary Thrasher. I see in the sleave notes David thanks you all for being the best in the business and there is not much I can add to someone of David's caliber saying that except YOU KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF!! Of course everything is beautiful but I especially want to mention Silent Night where your ability to make your instrument speak once again brought tears to my eyes. Safe travels for Japan and good luck on tour there
Go raibh míle maith agait ,
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