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05.07.2006 01:14
richard landry

hi Mairead

it is almost time for your 2006 summer tour hope everything is going well, hope to see you at Wolf Trap july 23.

Also i see that Celtic Woman will be in Concert with the Brian Boitanos Skating Spectacular (I think the Spectacular is Celtic Woman) i have ordered my tickets. i never did get to thank you for the meet and greet back in Oct of 2005 in Washington d.c.

richard landry
04.07.2006 14:21
Brian Fedei

Good morning Mairead! I hope that this note finds that you are doing well and are somewhat rested up from the tremendous spring tour you ladys endoured. Jenny and I will once again be with you in July! We are getting more excited with each passing day as we know that puts us one day closer to attending another performance. How has the studio detail been going? Any plans in the works to ever try of tour of the states with your own band?
Have a safe and pleasant trip back to the states! We will be seeing you again soon!

04.07.2006 03:58
Jim Beals

Dearest Mairead,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that I Really enjoy your music. More important than that is that you seem to be enjoying yourself when you play, anyone (?) can play a fiddle, but even on Disc it comes thru' that You FEEL the soul in the music and alow it to Live within you! That is ART at it's highest.

Thank You For giving the music Life!
03.07.2006 01:49

Hey Mairead,
My name is Michaela and I have been playing violin for about four years. I am very interested in your music, so is it possible that you could send me some sheet music? I especialy like the butterfly and captain H.
01.07.2006 15:52
dr graylee

i am dr graylee a physician in iran
i am very interested in your music style
i think we are agreed about nature and music that i read your opinions in some interviews
i have a gift to you to thanks you for your
please send me your email adress
your sincerely
Dr A.Graylee
28.06.2006 01:49
Max Harrison

My son got the DVD of Celtic Women an i sit and keep hopen that some day I may see you in person When they say you dance you feel the music.I took french horn in school put because I couldnt read the music was told to leave.I could hear the tune once and play it.I sure would love to hear from you when you get home,it must be nice to travel all over the wourld but must be nice to get back home.If you have read my letters you know how I feel about you.From an old man that really loves you.Max
26.06.2006 15:09

i hope someone reads this..someone that actualy works with this incredible woman! Is it possible for her to come to Croatia or Slovenia to perform?
Anyhow, stay cool!!!!
24.06.2006 18:17
Joseph Paul

Hello Mairead,
I was just looking around on the net, and found you! "Tag.. your it!" I enjoy looking at sites from Ireland. I was touring with Tommy Cash (Johnny's brother)in 2003 and toured all over Ireland. I felt like my soul had come home. Now I long to return. I felt a great love and connection to the people of Ireland. When I hear you play...your phrasing, your cadence and expression sings to my heart. Thank you! I "hear" Ireland in your muse.We hope to return in February 2007 for various dates in Europe. I hope to cross paths someday. Wishing you the very best of life!
Joseph Paul Cunningham
Keyboard/vocalist for
Tommy Cash
The Cash Crew
The Official Johnny Cash Tribute Show
20.06.2006 19:38
les salisbury

mairead; I'm still waiting for interpretation to verse in liner notes to raining up. after listening to Irish/Scottish music for years you're the first performer I got to speak with about the subject, I wish i could have talked w/you for a lot longer. I tried irish/english dictionary w/no luck, but I do think I now know what In Tua Nua means- "new burdock"? thank you -les
20.06.2006 04:20
bob moran

you are simply gorgeous
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