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12.12.2006 15:27
Nelson Berges

I see in Mairead as God puts a talent in a person to delight a many people
att. Nelson Berges
12.12.2006 00:05
Michael Cockrell

I was "hooked" the first time I saw the original Celtic Woman show and was recaptured with the new show at Slane Castle. When I saw you spring down that ramp at fulll run, fingers flying on the strings of that fiddle, I was mesmerized! I said to my wife, that girl looks as if she knows something that no one else does.

My grandfather's favorite tune was Shenandoah and my father's is Danny Boy, so along with my Irish heritage, like the Irish lass you are, you have thrice captivated me and lured me to a sweet confession before my voluntary demise on the shores of your sweet siren song!
11.12.2006 23:07

when I watch Irish concert called "Celtic Woman" on cable television program with close caption because Im deaf myself but I said to myself this lady gotta be kidding me bec I never saw person play violin full of energy than any of people i see on variety bands which is amazing talent gift !
11.12.2006 04:26

Wao this girl is awesome, so much energy she really has talent
11.12.2006 01:14

I just saw Celtic Women on PBS last night and my god, you are beautiful to watch and a fiddling goddess in movement, musical ability and beauty.
10.12.2006 19:09
Paul Reuter


I have watched the Celtic Woman and yourself three times on PBS. I especially enjoy yourself. You remeind me on a Irish Fairy dancing with her fiddle. Your the best. I hope to see Celtic Woman on your stay in Philly on 26/27 Feb 2007.
Your Number 1 American Fan
10.12.2006 05:47
D.W. Sinclair

I just saw Celtic Women and my gods the woman is a fiddling goddess in movement, musical ability and beauty.
I just wish her bio had more than professional info as I'd really like to know more about her.
She Brighid's avatar.
09.12.2006 06:23
Dennis Winters

We saw you all live in San Bernardino Ca. a few months back and it was the best show I have ever been too, and we are going to see the new show next year in Palm Desert Ca. My wife and I can not wait to see you all again.

05.12.2006 20:45
Frankie Anthony

Just saw celtic woman for the first time, a day later I saw A new journey. Not only the best female voices I have ever heard, but this fiery beautiful irish fiddle player just made me think about how fiery in life, I am NOT. Thank you, I have now Changed, and will now try to find a way to Long Beach to see you on May 8th 2007. Best Wishes!

05.12.2006 09:54
Dale Sharp

how could you Not come to Canada?
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