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28.01.2007 22:49
doc holiday

B.E.T. beauty, energy, talent! wow! what a performer. God Bless.
28.01.2007 01:31
Rick Crawford

Miss Nesbitt: You are absolutely fantastic. I just saw Celtic Woman, A New Journey, last night on PBS and I have to tell you that you are the most vibrant and energetic young lady I have had the pleasure of listening to and watching for many years. I hope that your career keeps soaring to the heights you have so richly earned. My best wishes and deepest respect to you.
26.01.2007 11:27
Jan Harper

Mairead, Well now you've gone a done a miracle. Due to some hearing loss my brother, who used to be a huge music guy had totally lost interest. With some difficulty he was convinced to come to the summer Red Rocks concert. When I returned to Denver for the holidays I was tickled to hear him telling everyone who stood still or even slowed down about that incredible fiddle player (you) for Celtic Woman! He had given me SO much grief over going to a lot CW concerts and now he asked to see the tape I made of The New Journey and is asking about the new tour dates!

It is such a gift that your incredible talent has brought music back to a prominent place for my brother. As a world class musician you must know how devastating the loss of music in a life can be.

Mille Buoichas from this Irish Heart
25.01.2007 23:42
Lita Kohus

Great site guys!! We frequently drop by to see whats happening back home! Its great to see the site updated!
25.01.2007 16:46

Peace be to is so wonderful to hear your music when me and my wife first saw the Celtic woman show on PCS in Boston....we felt connected right when we hear your music we stop what ever we were doing and just listen and enjoy it ....even our one year old daughter Abigail is starting to enjoy it.

Keep doing the good work
God bless you
23.01.2007 23:18
conrad laughlin

what a grand thing it is to hear you play , you make me happy , and all who in ear shot can only say wow ! what a grand lady an fine fiddler you are ! i look foward to being at a show some time in the future in st louis mo ! till then i hope god smiles on all you do
god bless you
conrad laughlin
23.01.2007 22:55

HI mairead! I 've been watching the pbs show "celtic woman",it was on for most of jan.'07,I just found your website & i'm fastly becoming a fan of "celtic woman" & yourself & also "Hayley Westenra".Looking forward to when you & celtic woman comes to my area of Fresno,calif......Steve!
21.01.2007 04:06
Mairead Kelly

I began listening to Celtic Woman when my mom told me about the group...I love celtic music, and was even more intrigued when I found out I had the same name as you. I was blown away by the performance with Brian Boitano's ice skating show and the PBS special and now I love your music even more!
21.01.2007 01:41
Mark Heuer

Dear Mairead,
I JUST saw your new show on TV... "Celtic Women" and you where outstanding!! The way you move and play like that is a joy to watch. I now understand you'll be here in my home town of Tallahassee Florida very soon ( in just a few weeks ). I hope I can still get tickets, and in the front at that!
Wow, what can I say... but thank you for the joy of you and your music!!
Mark Heuer
Tallahassee, Florida
17.01.2007 03:34

Dear Mairead,
I would just like to thank you for the way you play the violin, In 2005, I recieved my violin for Christmas from my parents!!! I cryed opening it. I watched celtic woman on channel 28, and saw you running out like a bullet on stage like oh my, mabby I could do that.. You have inspired me to play more than I thought I could ever emagine. Thanks. Thank you so very much. God bless you and your gifts...
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