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19.03.2006 16:13
J. Scott Davis

Hi Mairead;

You and your "Celtic Woman" vocalists are so, so pretty and talented. And you rock on the fiddle! The whole Celtic Woman production is outstanding. There is only one group from Ireland better than U2 and that's Celtic Woman.

I'm an aspiring Hollywood screen legend and maybe Celtic Woman's and my path will cross someday.

Best regards,
17.03.2006 20:17
Irish Heart

Mairead, neat trick you pulled on Regis & Kelly. It looked like you just popped out of that picture of a thatched cottage they were projecting on screen. It might be magic but for now you are my UFO. Unforgettable Fiddling Object! (Or unstoppable, uncatchable, unimaginable)
17.03.2006 04:08
Irish Heart

To read the interview done by Mairead go to This link should be good for 14 days as they don;t hold permanent archives.
16.03.2006 21:38
Irish Heart

Props to you girl! I just read your phone interview at about Celtic Woman. You did a super job covering the rankings, how the show and music ought to be viewed, how the solo albums and careers fit into the whole, and what a great relationship you ladies have. And YES as solo instrumentalist- a great one - you are special! I really liked your firm statement about the honesty and passion of the Celtic Woman performance. I've seen it up close and know it to be true!!
16.03.2006 03:40
Jaci Lapointe

I just wanted to say thanks for the autograph and photo here in Bangor ME, and thanks for the Happy Birthday wish. This made for the best birthday gift!!! We got there an hour ahead of time and I was first in line. I know I said thanks then, but I just wanted to say it again... THANKS!!!
16.03.2006 02:29

Hi Máiréad,

I´m Brazilian and I don´t speak and write in English very well, but I try!!!

I saw the Riverdance show - Feet Of Flames - with Michael Flatley.

You is very, very, very beautiful and play your fiddles very well.

Congratulations for you!!! Kisses...
15.03.2006 20:17

Hey Mairead I jjust finished emailing Orlagh!!! It was so cool I told Orlagh to say hi to everyone like you, meav, lisa and chloe!!!! So enjoy I told Orlagh how good you are in the violin!!!
15.03.2006 06:55
Michael S. McCreedy

This is an invitation to visit the F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. This is the house where Fitzgerald started started on "Tender Is The Night" and where Zelda wrote "Save Me The Waltz."

Michael S. McCreedy
Executive Director
F. Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald Museum
14.03.2006 17:57

Hi Everybody, thanks for all your lovely entries in my guestbook, it's lovely to hear from you all.

I know people won't mind me thanking Jan, Brian, Jenny, Christopher, Michael, George, Ricky, Tony, Danielle, Beth and Michelle for the lovely meeting we had and for the beautiful books Jenny, Brian and Christopher made for us. Also the beautiful books Tony and Ricky gave us and the gifts from everybody. There was so much effort put in and we really appreciate it and were very moved. Thank you and enjoy the rest of the shows!

Le grá, Máiréad.
12.03.2006 18:14
craig & sundy ferris

hi sweetie. hope you had a good rest on your trip to maine and that everyone isn't totally exhausted from the post show kitchen was a sheer delight playing host to you wonderful folks for a couple of days.we look forward to seeing you again thursday march 16 @ foxwoods.please send along our best regards to orla ,ewan ,mary,and the rest of the gang. by the way my sister's name is merryn and we are of scottish,welsh,swedish,and finnish descent.sundy has celtic roots as well mixed in with the italian.anyway,love to all and we'll see you soon.hope you all travel well and stay healthy on the road.peace.craig &sun
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