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06.08.2006 22:15
Gracie Poulin

I saw you in Maine while you were on tour with Celtic Woman. I was at your meet and great and gave you and the girls roses.
I am 13 and have been playing violin since I was 6. I am now very inspired by your playing!

*Celtic Love,*
05.08.2006 21:13

Enjoyed so much your show at Red Rocks. We were afraid that we would get some of the heavy rain that hit Southwest Denver earlier, but we were lucky.

What an experience for my first time to Red Rocks to hear you and the four other lovely ladies perform.

03.08.2006 21:10

Dear Mairead,
You are Amazing on the Fiddle!!!
I am a Fiddler myself and i love playing irish folk songs.
I love how you put vibrato in folk! I think my Favorite song of you and the Lovely Ladies of Celtic woman is "You Raise Me Up." You are Awesome!!!
02.08.2006 19:34
Dean Eckhoff

Dearest Ms. Nesbitt,
I would love to take the time, as so many already have, to thank you for the music you make. I can't say that I am a violinist myself, but I have a deep appreciation for it's angelic sound. It takes someone just as angelic, such as yourself, to make it so profound and meaningful. I have yet to see someone who rivals your passion for what you do. When I hear your music, I sometimes find it hard to believe your human. When I listen to you and watch you play, the world just doesn't feel so lonely anymore. Please do keep making that beautiful music with your fiddle and that gilded heart of yours. And let the world get a good look at those big, beautiful blue eyes, because there's more than just color in them. God bless you Ms. Nesbitt.

Dean Eckhoff
02.08.2006 07:36
Dean Eckhoff

I'm sure you get so many of these that this a poor effort to let you know just how much your music means to me. I'm not a violinist. I don't know beans from apple butter about playing the fiddle, but you have no idea how much I appreciate the angelic sounds it makes. And it takes a player just as angelic as yourself to make it so worthy of listening. It's nothing short of a miracle to listen to you play and watch you dance, doing both so gracefully. It's inspiring to see someone with so must passion for what she does, and is yet still so humble and loving. Takes some fine character to be that kind of person, and I don't know many people who feel the same way you do about their profession. Your music-and the passion that comes with it-makes me feel like I have a place. I don't feel lost anymore when I listen and watch you play. I'm content when I hear you. I love you and your music. I'm sure you get that a lot. God Bless you, Ms. Nesbitt
01.08.2006 04:42
Lori Harrell

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy listening to your music. We first heard you in Celtic Woman on television in the United States. My nine year old son Matthew fell in love with all of you. We recently found the Celtic Woman CD in stores and listen to it almost everyday. Thank you for your music and we wish you the best of luck with everything.
31.07.2006 19:00

Dear Máiréad,

The Dallas show was just fantastic! You amaze me more every time I see you perform. At one point I thought your energy had got the better of you and you were going to come flying off the center platform. By the look on your face, I think you thought the same thing. I saw the twinkle in your eye as you were just about to segue to "The Contradiction" but you held onto "Ashoken Farwell" even longer, that extra anticipation was brilliant!

I will be on my way to the airport to fly out to Denver for the Red Rocks show very shortly. I'll be in the 2nd row and I can't wait to see what you have planned for this show. See you very soon!

27.07.2006 23:04
Kirk N. Walker

Tuesday night in Dallas, Texas I was blessed with the beauty of a "Celtic Woman" performance. The epitome of art, the glory of music, and a gorgeous display of feminine confidence! Most definitely inspiring.......this Texan again tips his "cowboy hat" to the ladies, musicians of Celtic Woman.....a superb representation of Ireland, past, present and future.

My inspired words of gratitude-

Irish Kisses from the songs of Irish Angels
The beautiful warmth
A cloak of green velvet forever comforting my heart
Sheltering, shimmering, candlelit serenades of eternity

The strings of magnificence
A blonde smile
A goddess
A passionate difference
From now and beyond
From each and everyday
The Irish roses who bloomed songs in Texas
Shall with my spirit forever dance, prance and sway

I yearn endlessly 'til your triumphant return

27.07.2006 22:48

Yes, with Owens as a last name the roots come alive with Celtic music, thank you for bringing it out. Up in the Pacific North West of Seattle Washington, USA. I am sure there would be a full house. Anything in the works for yourself or Celtic Women?

Thank you
24.07.2006 18:47
Max Harrison

Would love to thank Meav an Orla for taking time to see me.I felt that they had spent enough time with all the guest at the end of the show.Wanted to see Mairead but she was not going to be there after the show.I felt real bad because that was the big reason for going to the show in Clarkston.I came all the way from Alaska just to see her and was told she was not going to be there the people was so nice to let me stay as they could see that I was really let down.It was still nice to see Mairead up so close.One of the usher.s said that I could have a seat near where the girls came out even if I didnt have a pass,they were all very nice to me when they seen how I was feeling about not seeing Mairead.Love to all the girls.Max
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