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15.12.2006 08:34

I saw the "Celtic Woman: A New Journey" on my local PBS station (3 times actually) and also bought the Christmas cd. Both are great. You and the other ladies are wonderful. Hope to see you on March 1st in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
15.12.2006 04:33

Mairead,you are just AWESOME.
Each one of your performances is just awesome.I was just delighted with the latest Celtic woman concert to run on pbs from Slane castle .
Amazing how you play and exude beauty and energy while doing it.
Keep up the awesome work.
I ll be there to see your concert when you come to Florida USA.
14.12.2006 23:21
Rich H.

Hey Mairead. I've seen the newest Celtic Woman concert at the Irish Slade castle on TV maybe 4 times already this month, and I love it.

You are great, the ladies all sing wonderfully, and I cannot wait until (hopefully) you all come to L.A.

Keep in touch.
14.12.2006 07:01
Gil & Debbie Cadena

Thank you for lifting me up. You are an angel. God bless you and what a wonderful gift he has bistowed upon you. We love you.
Gil and Debbie Cadena, El Paso, Texas

Hope to see you in May in Albequerque, New Mexico
13.12.2006 17:20
Greg Augustine

Thank you for sharing your great gift with my family and the wold. I must tell you of a short story a bought you giving with your sole. The first time my family and I saw you in person was in Denver Colorado with "LORD OF THE DANCE". We had front row seats you where play at the very front edge of the stage and you looked right at my daughter and smiled and waved your fingers right at my 8 1/2 year old daughter. She was sitting there amazed with you and your violin and how you played. It was after that show see sed she wanted to play the violin. See is 15 year old now and has be fortunate to be invited to play in the Denver Symphony with other students and has played in invitations with Jefferson county orchestra and is now in high school (fresh man) and holds 2nd chair to a senior on each side of here. We are very proud of here and look forward to the future. Thank you for you speerit
13.12.2006 16:03

Your music is beyond words. What a talent God has given you. I hope you continue to delight people with your musical style and your talent. God Bless you!
13.12.2006 16:00

Dear Mairead
Only one word to describe you: INSPIRING.
13.12.2006 14:18
Sarah Hing

Hi Mairead

I've bought the celtic woman DVD and recently purchased the Christmas CD. When i first watched the DVD I was absolutely amazed at your incredible skill and the way you play with such great passion. You are truly an inspiration to me. I've been learning the violin for the past two years and every time i watch you play i dream of being able to play as well as you oneday.

Are you planning to come to South Africa (Johannesburg) some day as i would just love to meet you in person.

You're the greatest!!!

With Love,

Your No 1 fan from South Africa.


P.s Have any of your solo albums been distributed to South Africa as i've been looking from shop to shop but just cant find anything.
13.12.2006 09:52


Just saw your "Celtic Woman: A New Journey" program for the first time last week on the PBS channel here in Detroit. They've had it on about every night since and I've watched it every time. Wow!!! Am I in love with you gals (Lasses?), or what. I feel like a 14-year-old or something. Needless to say, you are all so stupefyingly gorgeous it's dizzying, but better than that, you are also divinely talented performers, positively shimmering with elegance, class and grace. I don't think I've ever been smitten so quickly and completely by anything in my life. Just wanted to thank you for sharing and spreading the joy. Hope to see you here in April.
13.12.2006 06:25
Sonny Harris

You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

Your style, energy, music is awesome!

I saw you on a PBS fund raiser and fell in love.
How in the world do you play to perfection and are still able to jump, run....everything you do on stage?

If you ever come to Florida, USA, be sure to let me know!

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