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04.03.2006 20:48

What more can one say to one of the preimer violinists in the world. Awesome, doesnt begin to describe you performance, your talant, your abilities. Thank you sharing your wonderful talents with the rest of us! You really are an inspiration to all that you touch. Looking forward to seeing you perform again in Toronto and to be amazed as you play! Thank you
04.03.2006 07:49

Ok...I goofed with the last message, Mairead, I'm a new fan of yours and enjoy the your unbelievable talent. The music is wonderful, it will definately need it while I am in Iraq again. God bless!!
04.03.2006 07:41
William Woods

They are all wonderful, but this one is great because of the sincerity and peace, a true artist as she is one with her insturement. What a remarkable artist as I just discovered her awesome talent watching the PBS special.
27.02.2006 18:32

Mairead, I just finished watching of a clip of Gold Medal winner Ms Arakawa doing her exhibition skate to the CW CD version of You Raise Me Up. You are already an internationally known violinist/fiddler but what a nice world wide exposure. Your playing and her elegant skating are a wonderful match. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it and congratulations.
26.02.2006 23:11

I had the chance to meet you at the Celtic Woman concert in Erie PA. Thank you for being so friendly!
You are a amazing violinist.
26.02.2006 22:45
Lauren Bryan

Dear Mairead,
I saw you on a PBS special. You are fabulous. I am 10 years old and have been playing the violin since I was 3. I am a violinist with the Sacramento Youth Symphony. I hope to see you in April at the Memorial Auditorium. I would like to learn how to play the fiddle like you! How can I find your sheet music? I like "Contradiction" the best! I played "Ashokan Farewell" for my recital in Jan. after hearing you play it! You are an inspiration! Lauren
23.02.2006 20:33

I think your newsletter is really great! I just subscribed for it and am really enjoying it. Keep them coming and have a blast!
22.02.2006 09:46
Danielle Spurr

Hi Mairead,
I just wanted to come on and let you know what a wonderful job you did at the Point. I believe you are the central part of the show, when people think of Celtic Woman they think of the flying fiddler. ;-) Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done and say thanks for all of your hard work. See you in the states.

xoxo, danielle
21.02.2006 21:16

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Hi Mairead,

back home in Germany I want to thank you for a fantastic show at the "Point". It simply was marvellous, to see you perform with "Celticwoman".
What an experience! I really love the show, so hopefully it will come to Germany soon.

To you and the girls all the best for your upcoming tour to the States. It was great, meeting you!

Thank's for everything.
Take care always

20.02.2006 21:01
Irish Heart

Had the priviledge of seeing and hearing you at The Point. Every time I think I've seen you go as high, as far, and as fast as you can - you go higher, farther, and faster. Your ability to be one with your instrument and to evoke its most touching voice continues to amaze me. You add so much to the concert overall with your energy and your kinsesthetic awareness while moving all over the stage and among all the other performers somehow unifying the whole thing with your bow and your spirit. Was worth every mile I traveled from California!
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