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25.04.2006 06:49
Larry Horseman

Ms Nesbitt,

My Wife and I saw the Celtic Woman Concert in Little Rock, Arkansas on April 20, 2006.

Our feeling was that we had died and gone to heaven. Thank You! I wish there was a way to tell all the performers how wonderful you were without bothering you. May God bless you and yours.

Larry and Ellen Horseman
Holly Springs, Arkansas
21.04.2006 05:55
Mark McPherson

Hello Mairead,

I want to thank you for being so kind and willing to talk to me and others who were waiting for you outside the Fox Theatre (Atlanta) after your thrilling performance. I was the guy outside in glasses who introduced himself as a viola player and asked you for your autograph on his green notepad (I imagine that was a bit unusual). Out of respect for the fact that you had just given of yourself so energetically for us and were undoubtedly tired, I saved most of my questions for a forum such as this so you could get your rest and respond at your leisure (and only if you cared to do so).

I observed that you held your bow above the frog. Is this something that you do out of mere preference, or is there a more technical reason? I try to employ as many tips as I can from exemplary string players like yourself who are showing the rest of us how it ought to be done.

Thank you in advance for your reply,

Mark McPherson
Special Education Dept.
Jonesboro High School
21.04.2006 05:40

This woman is truly amazing! The way she graces the stage with her fiddle, dancing with such energy and life is so uplifting. Her humbleness to the band and fellow performers is felt so deeply. Mairead is one of the best.
20.04.2006 20:18

Last night I saw the Celtic Woman perfomance in Birmingham, Alabama (usa), and I was breathless through most of the performance. I love your enthusiasm and amazing spirit that you have-- Thank you for sharing that with us,,,Please come back as soon as you can.
19.04.2006 03:42
Irish Heart


Today is the 100th anniversary of the great earthquake in San Francisco. Given the amount of energy you dischage while performing it just seems fitting somehow that your special day and this anniversary have converged!

I would like to wish you all the best and thank you for your incomparable talent. You seem to get better and better -amazing. See you in San Jose
18.04.2006 20:07
Ken Burrows

Miaread showed them thar fiddle players in Nashville what fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thouroughly loved the show and was greatly impressed with all the performers. I would gladly go to another concert in the future.
18.04.2006 19:32

Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, miss Mairead!! And best wishes for your show tonight!!

Le gra,

18.04.2006 07:41
Charlie Brock

We had plans for a three show trip...Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma City. Our trip started in Dallas and we made the Houston and San Antonio concerts. We then had to return to Dallas for a wedding on Saturday.
Thanks to you all for a wonderful time and the pictures we shot at the bus. Lisa was a sport in Houston with a wave, and a picture at Trinity University. I know you gals are hounded by your fans and we understand the shyness and privacy. We mostly enjoy and appreciate your talent and beauty and wish the best always.
We gave 20 of your DVD's at Christmas and hope you will produce another with the 6 new songs that we heard at the concerts.
The 900 miles that we drove to see you and the whole live experience, was a treasure. Hope to see you again soon. I think I understand what Celtic Woman really means, and hope to see you again sometime soon....maybe Ireland.
Until then, we'll continue our Josh Groban quest.
Thanks again for the opportunity, and the gift of mus
18.04.2006 01:19
Mark Gay

I have downloaded many of the songs from "Raining Up" . I think the 3rd movement is really outstanding and one of the best songs I have heard of it's kind!!!
Also I took the quiz on your site and scored a perfect 100 but have yet to receive a!
17.04.2006 15:49
Lar of Galen

I surprised my wife and step-daughter with tickets to "Celtic Woman" in Houston on 13 April. We were all captivated by Mairead's performance. My wife read my mind when she exclaimed "She's like a pixie or sprite!" Fortunately, those are the only thoughts she managed to read. I've ordered the CD, and look forward to hearing more!
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