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04.02.2006 07:45
Irish Heart


The concert at The Point is two weeks from tomorrow (California time) and I have never been more excited. I want to wish you all the best for the concert and tell you how thrilled I am to be able to come over and see you play live. I hope in this concert they keep your role strong and central as it has been in the tour. I'm looking forward to finding out the music will be for this concert! I know you have all been creating like crazy.

God Bless!
04.02.2006 05:31

Received your CD today, the signed one. Played it three times tonight. It’s a beautiful CD. Thanks for picking up that fiddle when you were a little girl and never putting it down again. Oh, and I like your signature. It’s really cool. Expressive. Just like your music.
27.01.2006 23:21
Irish Heart

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Got the newsletter. Whata treat. Thank you for taking time to pay attention to what we post here and then to give such substantive information in the newsletter although so busy.

As a fan not only of yours but Celtic Woman I appreciate the information on your 2006 World Tour stops. How you are going to keep tabs on the requirements of your band and Invasion is a mystery to me!

Celtic Woman seems to be one of those once in a lifetime, very special chemistry, magical kind of things that is almost impossible to explain exactly in mere words. I feel it takes not only your extraordinary talent and internal musical "drive" or hunger but something very special from within each of you to allow the alchemy David imagined to actually come to fruition. I feel very priviledged to be witness to the magic you are making!

To make extraordinary music like this requires more of a risk from you in that your soul must reside close to the surface. Thank You so much for going ther
26.01.2006 04:46

Dear Mairead,
It has been quite a while since I first signed your Guestbook and told you that you had changed my taste in music forever, that henceforth no more Mozart, only Mairead. Still true! Wherever I go with my MAIREAD licence plate people ask me what it means and then I launch into a splendid expose of Celtic Woman and their star performer, Mairead Nesbitt, the greatest violinist the world has ever known. Thanks again, Mairead for your presence in my life!
24.01.2006 02:05
eddie villanueva

Hi mairead!

I just wanted to say that I got your new cd and I love if very much! You,my dear,are awesome! I hope someday that I may have the honour to see you perform live. God has truly bless you with talent...:)

From a musician that has been playing lead guitar for 20yrs.

Thank you so much!
from America
23.01.2006 18:50
Michele McLaughlin

We have followed you for many years are are true fans of your God-given talent (not to mention all of the hours of practice !!)
We are curious as to how tall you are as the description will say you are playing the "violin" but you look like you are playing a viola !!
Our best wishes to you with your future endeavors - you are truly a remarkable musician and person.
Fondly, J&S
22.01.2006 23:33
Bob Palone

You are the best Violin player I have ever heard. Thanks for your music.
20.01.2006 20:05

hi Máiréad!! Finally I found your wonderful album Raining Up ... You're amazing!!! Please come to Switzerland!!! We need you here!
20.01.2006 08:43
Irish Heart

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It's Raining Up in my house! I got a copy of your CD. Thank Goodness they have been released in the U.S. and you can just see and buy them in a store!

Your music is beautiful!! It is the most fun when I can watch you play but I have always felt that the violin has the most powerful "voice" of any instrument and your ability to make it speak is well on its way to becoming legendary!

I am so pleased for you that "Raining" is selling at amazon like the proverbial hotcakes. Best of luck with continued good sales and I look forward to many more hours of watching and listening to you make beautiful music!
18.01.2006 18:02
Martin Mayovsky

I recently had the opportunity to watch Máiréad on Celtic Woman.
I've never heard of Máiréad before - My loss!
I was totally amazed by her exceptional beauty and talent.
My mother was an organist in Seattle and I was always surrounded by beautiful music.
Listening to Máiréad will now continue to be part of
my musical lifestyle.
Thank you Máiréad!

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