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18.04.2006 07:41
Charlie Brock

We had plans for a three show trip...Houston, San Antonio and Oklahoma City. Our trip started in Dallas and we made the Houston and San Antonio concerts. We then had to return to Dallas for a wedding on Saturday.
Thanks to you all for a wonderful time and the pictures we shot at the bus. Lisa was a sport in Houston with a wave, and a picture at Trinity University. I know you gals are hounded by your fans and we understand the shyness and privacy. We mostly enjoy and appreciate your talent and beauty and wish the best always.
We gave 20 of your DVD's at Christmas and hope you will produce another with the 6 new songs that we heard at the concerts.
The 900 miles that we drove to see you and the whole live experience, was a treasure. Hope to see you again soon. I think I understand what Celtic Woman really means, and hope to see you again sometime soon....maybe Ireland.
Until then, we'll continue our Josh Groban quest.
Thanks again for the opportunity, and the gift of mus
18.04.2006 01:19
Mark Gay

I have downloaded many of the songs from "Raining Up" . I think the 3rd movement is really outstanding and one of the best songs I have heard of it's kind!!!
Also I took the quiz on your site and scored a perfect 100 but have yet to receive a!
17.04.2006 15:49
Lar of Galen

I surprised my wife and step-daughter with tickets to "Celtic Woman" in Houston on 13 April. We were all captivated by Mairead's performance. My wife read my mind when she exclaimed "She's like a pixie or sprite!" Fortunately, those are the only thoughts she managed to read. I've ordered the CD, and look forward to hearing more!
15.04.2006 14:17
nick in denver

i look forward to seeing you live in pasadena & long beach. i'll be coming more than a thousand miles to see you and i would be happy to travel ten thousand more !!! YOUR WORTH IT !!! thank you for the new understanding of music you have given me. Nick
15.04.2006 05:31

Thank you for the great concert in Chicago on April 8th. My daughter loves you and now wants a violin. I will let you know how long it takes for her to relize it is not easy to run and play at the same time.
Thank you for the show.
11.04.2006 00:20
Susie Kehl

I was at the Celtic Woman concert in Louisville, KY on April 9, 2006, and I must say, I am now a TRUE FAN of yours. I love Chloe & Lisa, but you are truely amazing!! My mom was Irish, and I am so happy that I also share her love of Ireland! Thanks for coming to Louisville, and totally inspiring me with your enthusiasm!
07.04.2006 16:29
Brian Ball


I watched the Celtic Woman show on my local PBS channel and was amazed with your fiddle playing. I love the way you can go from traditional violin to Irish fiddle.

I was so amazed with your playing, that at the age of 40 I decided to learn how to play myself. If you have any tips for me I would appreciate it.

Thank You Mairead,

07.04.2006 15:53
Padraigin Laoise

As an amateur fiddler, born in Co. Clare, I admire how you can mix your fiddling styles, and yet maintain a separation from the classical and traditional music of Ireland. Your stage presence and style is wonderful to watch and listen to. I absolutely loved Celtic Woman. Slainte !!
06.04.2006 07:10

Hi Mairead!

I love every minute you are up on that stage, you are full of life, and make me tap my foot at every beat. I was admiring that blue dress of your in the Concert in Minnesota 4/05/06. I would love to wear something like that for prom....could you tell me where you got that???
05.04.2006 22:52
Lauren Bryan

Hi Mairead,
I'm writing again to let you know that my Mom bought tickets for your concert with Celtic Woman in Sacramento. We are so excited to see all of you! We are still looking for the violin music to "Contradiction". I would like to learn it for my school's talent show in May. Can you help me locate the sheet music? I've been playing the violin since I was 3 years old and am enjoying my second year with the Sacramento Youth Symphony. Maybe I could meet you after the concert on 4/25/06. I know you'll be busy, so don't worry. But it sure would be cool to meet you! Lauren Bryan
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