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24.07.2006 05:30
Jenny Fedei

Welllll... It looks like we are almost going to every show because we also attended the show in Cary, NC yesterday!! That was a surprise from Brian to me -- front row center no less!! -- Bless him! We noticed that you had your leg taped up. I hope it isn't anything serious, regardless, your performance was flawless and wonderful as usual. If I had a dollar for every time Brian had to tape up our daughter and her friends for Soccer, we could retire now! It cracks Brian and I up every time you jump out at us while playing your fiddle! Brian usually talks about that for days after! We LOVE the way you tease your audience. They guy next to us last night about dropped his ice cream on the floor!! - halarious! It's like Brian and I told you in NY, we affectionately refer to you at home as our favorite "UFO" (unidentified fiddling object!) - You move so fast we can't identify you! -- ha! Love, Jenny xx
23.07.2006 17:54

I believe that I agree with everyone that you are truly an incredible and beautiful performer who stoled the show in Cary, North Carolina last night. It was extremely hot yesterday and with the potential for rain and thunderstorms, I am glad that it held off. I truly look forward to seeing you and the show again and again in the future.
20.07.2006 12:29
Jenny Fedei

Hey Bruce! That puzzle thing was halarious!! It took my 2 tries to get it right!!

Mairead... Brian and I enjoyed your show on the 17th in NY. It was nice to have seen you at the Meet & Greet too. You and your fiddle never cease to amaze us. We would go to EVERY show if we could -- we love you girl!!

Jenny Fedei
19.07.2006 19:51

Just caught the "Celtic Woman" performance at Saratoga Performing Arts Center" on Jul 16th. One of the best live performances I've ever seen. The talent of each of the 4 vocalists was amazing, but for me, the hi-lite of the show was Mairead. I kept expecting to see faerie dust all around her every time she was on stage. Such a complete delight to see and hear her. You could tell that she was having a fun time performing which only made her performance all the more pleasing. Bravo to all the performers!
18.07.2006 20:25
Suzanne Fairbrother

I have seen the Celtic Woman show twice and have loved it. I started taking violin lessons because Mairead makes it look so fun.
16.07.2006 20:34
Justine Rella

Dear Máiréad,
You have most certainly accomplished the whole "energy" and "beauty" thing--I hope you know that by now! I saw you last night in Boston. It was my second concert (first was NYC, radio city), and I was in the second row in the dead center--perfect seats! You were simply amazing; thank you so much for all of your hard work!
Love, Justine
15.07.2006 04:06
Harry Lawrence

I first saw Celtic women on PBS and fell in love with the music. I purchased the dvd, cd, and individual cds
of each of you. My father was an old bluegrass fiddler
so I was drawn to your music. I'm not sure which is more beautiful, you or your music. It is such a joy to
watch and listen to your music. I look forward to more of your music. May God bless you.
14.07.2006 06:03

Saw the Celtic Woman concert last night up in Clarkston. You all were superb!!! I brought my sister Tracey with me, and she loved every minute of it! One question for you: are you still planning to do your 'Invasion' tour after the Celtic Woman summer tour comes to an end, or are you going back home to record more for Celtic Woman?
Good luck with the rest of the summer tour!

13.07.2006 03:28
Renee and Jim

My wife and I had the opportunity to see you live with Celtic Woman in Chicago last night. It was beyond what I can describe here- You were simply incredible, Floating in the air, almost half ballerina- half musician- Visually you were stunning- musically you were messmurizing. I must have said "Wow" out loud 20 or 30 times during the show. Thank you and the soloists from Celtic Woman for giving us a night we will never, ever forget. I really hope we can see you perform again soon. Thank you again.
07.07.2006 07:07
Charlie Brock

Thanks for granting my wish....You and the other "Celtic Angels" will be in Dallas soooooon! It's only been a couple of months since the concerts in Houston and San Antonio, but we are anxious for the next concert at home.
Still hope to go to both concerts in Missouri if all goes well.
Best of luck, and see you all in a couple of weeks.
Also looking forward to the Christmas music.
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