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09.02.2007 15:29
Bonnie Wilhere

Mairead, I listen to your album 'Raining Up' as I have such a God-given talent! All of your training reflects in your heartfelt performance...we loved you in your Slane Castle show and we look forward to seeing you in March in Providence, Rhode Island on your American tour!
Many Blessings to you and Celtic Woman for a safe journey.
09.02.2007 05:35
Charlie Brock

It's time we fans get an update from you. We miss you and would like to hear how you are, and a little about the new tour.
Give us a visit sometime, be SAFE and have fun on the tour. We'll see you in Little Rock and Baton Rouge soon...can't wait. It's been a long time since we saw you at Slane.
Be Celtic...Charlie
08.02.2007 16:24
fhernando avelino

yo soy mexicano
y en mi vida yo nunca habia visto
a una artista tan talentosa. como tu misma
y hermosa tambien...........
tu eres un artista de artistas.......
te amo.............dios te bendiga.......

hello: Mairead
I am mexican.
and in my life I never seen
a more talented or enrgetic artist. such as yourself and beutiful too...........
you are an artist's artis.......
I love you..............god bless you.......
07.02.2007 08:54

Ms. Nesbitt,

I recently caught your "Celtic Woman" performance on television and became an instant fan. The symbiotic relationship between you and your instrument is truly a thing of beauty to behold. I hope to have an opportunity to see you perform live.
05.02.2007 06:50

dear mairead , u are great! i just have finished the "lord of the dance" dvd. so enjoy, specially, the song u played with a other musician. it is after the solo dance of a girl in hot red dress. what is the name of the sony, i am desperately wanna know it, plz, plz anyone could tell me the name. thx :)
05.02.2007 00:35
Mark Johnson

I must say: Wow. I just say you on tv and I just had to search you up :)

~Mark from Newfoundland, Canada
04.02.2007 16:27

Will be seeing you at the Verizon Center.MANCHESTER N.H. ON MARCH 8 2007.Can't wait. You are the greayest.......................
03.02.2007 22:05

I really enjoy listening to Mairead's music.She has a great talent.I am studying the cello so I love to listen to music by Mairead.I first saw her play one Celtic Woman:A New Journey on PBS.She did a wonderful job.I enjoy anything that is celtic,especially the music.Mairead has a great up beat sense of music which I like.Keep up the good work Mairead!!:)
03.02.2007 05:51

I saw "Celtic Woman" on last year's tour in Saratoga, NY. The entire show was fantastic. The amazing singing talent of your co-performers in "Celtic Woman" is incomparable. But, IMHO you turn a wonderfully talented musical concert into an astonishingly magical performance. To watch you on stage is to believe that beautiful faeries do still exist. I once again have tickets and am looking forward to seeing you and the other beautiful, extremely talented ladies (glad to see Hayley is going to be with y'all this year) from "Celtic Woman" at Radio City Music Hall. Best wishes!
02.02.2007 08:04
Laurie Lenz

Dear Mairead, I recently saw your spectacular performance in Celtic Woman and was SO inspired by your passion and energy. Music and art are two of my greatest passions! I particularily love classical, christian and celtic music. I am a an artist and create dolls. I was compelled to create a One of a Kind Doll inspired by you! I will be revealing her to the community on Ebay this evening, Feb. 2, 2007. Her auction will run for 3 days. I'd be honored if you looked at her! She will also be permanently on my website as one of my beautiful ANGELS! Blessings, Laurie Lenz, Laurie Lenz ANGELS Doll Studio (
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