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10.01.2006 20:52
Irish Heart (Jan)


Thanks for posting about the picture of Francis on the forum - much appreciated.

How many instruments do you tour with? (Ever wish you still played the tin whistle) What is the basic difference, if any between a fiddle and a violin?

Can you explain about your "graduate" work in music. I've listened to your interview on the CW DVD and it "sounds like" you say you did you "def" work with the RTE' orchestra. I'm sure I didn't get it right and I so respect both the formal education and the range of experience you've worked to get for yourself I would really like to know how the education part works.

I LOVE your playing. I have never seen or heard anything like it. I can't decide if Air is the right element for you or if you should be FIRE!

Thanks so much for your music. See you at the Point on the 18th. Even if it is a Long Way to Tipperary from California. (I know, Dublin)
07.01.2006 05:19


Disregard the rest of the garbage on
this page.

Your talent and beauty are superior
to all others. I was impressed by your PBS
show with the other ladies in " Celtic Woman".
I was absolutely thrown by your live show. It
is so much better when your fans see you and
your companions live.

I listen to " Celtic Woman" and " Raining Up"
on my way to work every morning.

Great Irish talent like yours should always
be in the forefront.

Please come back to Long Island.
You were the star of the show!
06.01.2006 18:38
Neal McConnell

Mairead, you rock can't wait to see you and the other lovely women of Celtic fame here in Houston, we have even postponed our holiday to be able to see you. Thanks for the wonderful music of Erie.
04.01.2006 01:34
edward pero

I live in Maine, USA. Every time I watch the Celtic Woman show I see or hear something new. It is the VERY best celtic music I have ever heard. My grand parents came to the US in 1893 from county cork. I hope to get there before I pass on.
01.01.2006 22:43
Mary Ann Mousley

Hi, I just love your music, your a very talented young lady......I just saw the Celtic Woman on PBS...I live in New Hampshire, USA and really enjoy your music. Keep up the good work....I know people that play the fiddle that live around here......I bet you'd be their idol...........
Good luck to you, and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!
01.01.2006 22:07
Maggie Ryan

Máiread, I wish you a very happy and of course successful 2006.
I spent many wonderful summers as a child on the Bourke farm (Theresa's Granny) in Loughmore and remember the very talented Nesbitt Family.
I am spreading the word about Celtic Woman, and will be seeing you in Orlando in March.
Maggie Ryan, Orlando FL
31.12.2005 07:43
Irish Heart

Someone on the CW forum combs the web for sites with reviews and pictures of the Celtic Woman women. He found a reference to Mairead at: The second picture in this gallery (2) of the 2003 festival has several musicians playing on a stage Kathleen and Mairead Nesbitt are noted as participating. The person credited as Mairead is quite different than who we are used to seeing (as in dark hair). Can somone confirm for us if this is in fact Mairead or if this picture is miss noted?

The speculation and made up reasons that are put forth in the abscense of the facts seem to grow legs so I would really appreciate your help.

Irish Heart
Yes, that caption is incorrect (as of December 2005). The fiddler identified as Máiréad is Frances Nesbitt, her sister.
30.12.2005 14:41
Jim Fogwell

Hi Mairead,
WOW I really enjoy listening to Celtic Woman. Bought the CD and the DVD. In fact listening to The Butterfly while signing your guestbook.
You are AWESOME! Looking forward to April 19th. Celtic tour for 2006 will be performing at the Fox Theatre in St. Louis, Mo. The wife and I will be down front somewhere; don't have tickets yet. Would really like to meet you. Like you haven't heard that line before huh?
Have a safe and GREAT New Year holiday. See you in 2006.

30.12.2005 11:05

oh..thank you very much for your help! ... I'll do that! I'd like to wish a wonderful new year to everyone..and especially to Máiréad.. You're the most talented violinist on the planet!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
30.12.2005 02:47

Hello Mairead! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful music you have given everyone! When I listen to your music, there are times I want to get up and dance...and there are times when my heart is deeply stirred when I hear tearfull ballads. I have seen you on tour with Lord of the Dance here in the States. I am looking forward to seeing Celtic Woman in the Spring of 2006 when you return to Pittsburgh, PA. God bless you and have a wonderful New Year!

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