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12.02.2007 19:54

i really love the music of the celtic woman can not wait to see you when you come to portland Or
11.02.2007 23:33

Hi Mairead
after seeing you on Lord of the Dance, I thought you looked familiar...... did you by any chance play with "my life story", probably back in the late 90's??
I remember an amazing pretty blonde violinist, and I am sure it was you!!!
Many thanks
11.02.2007 21:56
Mark R. Whitney

Dear Mairead,
My relatives from Canada up at Prince Edward Island are Scotch/Irish, and one of my aunts was a fair fiddler who could always inspire my staid English relatives to get up and start dancing, as she whirled around the floor with sparks flying from her bow. The men in our family still have no skill at making music, but we like to get up and dance to a good toe tapping tune! I saw you perform with Celtic Woman in March of 2006 at Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, Connecticut USA. What I really noticed, besides your brilliant playing, was how you unstintingly supported and challenged the other singers and players to be their best. Your warmth and supportive power to the rest of the cast flowed in waves around that stage, smoothing over the occasional rough spot and lifting everyone to new peaks of performance. I look forward to seeing you all perform again at Mohegan Sun Arena in March of 2007!
Mark R. Whitney 2/11/07
11.02.2007 22:24
Michael R. O'Malley

I have thoroughly enjoyed your music on the Celtic Woman DVDs. You have brought a new sense of pride in my Irish roots (3rd generation), and in the way
I view Ireland. I'm looking forward to my next visit to County Cork, and hearing your music, and that of the rest of the group, make me feel that I'm halfway there!
Keep it up!
God Bless,
Sincerely and with best wishesk
Michael O'Malley
11.02.2007 06:21
Mason Linn

Miss Mairead Nesbitt your Irish music is as beautiful and grand as you are my wild Irish rose!

Sincerely, Mason Linn

Sarah Linn Tea Co., Inc.

Milford, N.H., U.S.A.
11.02.2007 04:10
R. Halim

Hello Mairead:
I would like to say “best wishes” for your upcoming tour in the US. I hope that the tour will be successful, and you will enjoy performing and meeting people along the way.
I loved all of your performances!. You are special and are the best! I just hope that you will keep some of your time for your own personal and family use, and for the benefit of advancing your career. It must be difficult to keep a quiet and private life in your busy daily schedule. I also hope that you keep yourself open for future projects. Wouldn’t it be nice to produce another solo album to be dedicated for your own family, and includes musics which are performed by all members of your family?
A classical music album would broaden your horizon and recognition. You played with a number of different groups, from the traditional irish, rock, to afro-celt musics. Will I ever hear a duet album between yourself and others, such as Vanessa Mae?
Happy travelling and may God bless you!
11.02.2007 02:03

What can i say? You are truly talented and have brought magic to fiddle playing!!
Im only 17 and have been playing irish fiddle since i was 14, a whole load of people enjoy my playing at gigs however watching you perform on stage with celtic woman truly amazes and inspires me to take my playing to an even higher and challenging level!
I've never been to any of the celtic woman concerts but i hope to see you perform soon, heres hoping you all come over to London! Or maybe one day in my life i will get to play with you on stage in the future which would be a real honour for me!
Thank you for keeping fiddle playing alive and for inspiring me a great deal, safe travels!!
Best wishes, Leanne. xxxx
11.02.2007 11:44
Kirk N. Walker

Awestruck words from Texas

Pretty shoulders upon which their voices begin
The freedom their songs invoke, for everyone within
Sounds of truth, the eyes of my heart smile with warm chills of elation
Purity, angelic unification

Irish sparkles
from her strings, her songs
A satin eyed diamond
The honor to her mother, her father and her land
The passion speaking to our generations
Eternal gift forever my heart longs
To kneel at the foot of Celtic Woman
and to be so lucky kiss her hand

If the ladies could only hear and see what we see.
Like a thousand wild Irish horses over the green hills deeply into our soul's reflective serenity.
10.02.2007 19:25
Joey Latunski

My wife and I saw you perform with Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance" in L.A. and Anaheim. Your were terrific and unforgetable. I love the energy you put into your music and performances.

Although I truly love the "Celtic Woman" CD's and DVD's, it is your playing on them that 'makes the show' for me.

God Bless and thank you for sharing with the rest of us the beauty of the 'fiddle'.
10.02.2007 10:28
"Danny Boy" Quimby

Hello Mairead,

First of all, thank you for sharing with the World you EXTRAordinary
talents. Your music has touched my heart and life on my long difficult evenings at my night shift job. You lift my spirit and send me a song.
Secondly, you and your sisters of the CELTIC WOMAN have brought to mind and heart my ancestory of Irish and Scottish heritage. I am very grateful for this.
Finally, please continue to use your gift and inspire others. I am sure the morning sun will rise to meet you always for the joy you give.

P.S. I have left my email address just in case you would like to keep in touch. Again, it is I hope to see your amazing show here in the USA soon.

Your Fan,
Danny Boy
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