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01.08.2014 05:32
Ron Linville

I watch Celtic Woman Videos constantly and you are amazing. you and the whole group is fantastic and hope to see the live show soon Best luck too you and all
24.07.2014 22:16

Hi there,

Thank you so much for such a beautiful music

I'm looking for a track of your telling about a father and son
I can't, no matter what I do I can;t remember the name.

Would you be kind and send me that track or its name?

Taher, Cairo, Egypt
12.07.2014 06:06
Chris Dove

Love your music. My 10 year old is beginning fiddle lessons, he enjoys listening to you and watching the amount of energy you put into your shows. Thank you for providing such beautiful music.
04.07.2014 02:01
Michael Southard

Wanted to say how much I admire your talent and music. I was truly blessed to see you in concert in Asheville, NC last February with Celtic Woman. The concert was amazing and was the culmination of a dream come true. My wife and I really love the music and the performances. You really made my night when you blew a kiss in my direction. It will forever be a memory I will cherish. I look forward to seeing you in the Asheville, NC area again soon.
29.06.2014 12:58
Regina CÚlia Bastos

I am truly admirer of your talento. You are wonderful!
24.06.2014 05:38
John Leon

Greetings Mairead, I am the sculptor whose stone carving, "Guitarchitecture" you admired in Cincinnati. I hope you don't mind me checking to see if you are still interested. I can send pictures. All the best to you. John
19.06.2014 20:55
Joshua Beaupre

hi I'm joshua a new fan of you wen i saw you at the Flynn i was amazed!!! i have never seen a cool women play a vlion i hope to meet you a the flynn next year i hope we can be on stage some day so we can fiddle someday well i hope to see you soon
15.06.2014 11:43

Dear Mairead
My name is Hamed and 40 years old and Im from Iran .My Daughter Ava is 9 years old. Recently she taught violin has started. We and my wife enjoy a lot of the your performances. Please tell me how the your performances have .
Thank you. Hamed
09.06.2014 01:55
Ron Callahan

I love all your music and the way present yourselves. Mairead your fiddle is awesome. Thank You ladies and gentlemen.
31.05.2014 19:26
Kim Brennick

We saw you for the first time last night in Bangor Maine and despite the frigid temps your ensemble put on an absolutely fantastic show for us!! Thank you so much.
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