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26.01.2015 01:32
Paul Lamb

Just home from great proformance at odsay Belfast, your playing makes me wish I had started learning 55 years ago when I was given a fiddle which has been cherished but never played.
17.12.2014 15:30
Gérald Parent

I am a french canadian and a great fan of irish music, of anykind. But I think that Ms Nesbitt is the very best in her art of playing violin. The way she moves and dance while playing is admirable. A pleasure for the eye, the heart and the soul. I think of a fairy playing the violin, every time I see and hear her. May she haves a long career. Hope she will come in Ottawa soon.
Best regard.
13.12.2014 00:46
Robert West

I am an enormous fan and I would like to say I think you are beautiful. My own sweet wife is Welsh and 5'1. I don't know what it is about Celtic women.
Best Regards and maybe We will see you in Indio (California)
09.12.2014 04:09
Mitzi C. Lafitte

From Pelican, Louisiana (Northwest La) Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Am 64, and appreciate Celtic Woman.
07.12.2014 22:40
Chris Burchfield

Wife and I have seen you twice in Memphis Tennessee with Celtic Woman performances. Looking forward to seeing you April 28th again. May you and your family have a safe, healthy and prosperous Christmas and New Years. See you soon, Chris Burchfield.
06.12.2014 18:10
Bill Rabe

Im 67 years old & perhaps at this point it may be my last Christmas. My wife & I were at your concert in Spokane, Wa. Dec. 3rd. a few days ago. The warmth & love of your singing you ladies showed on stage was so touching. As we grow older we tend to cling to happy moments. Somehow Christmas has a profound meaning to me this year. Your presence & your fiddle added so greatly to my. Bless you for your talents & the sharing of those talents. Merry Christmas my dear. Merry Christmas.
04.12.2014 02:05
Stephen Barbosa

Hi Mairéad,

I have been a huge fan for many years. I have missed opportunities to see you perform while you guys were performing on Long Island but i promised myself that I'd catch a performance the next time you're here. With the holidays upon us I have been listening to the Celtic Woman CDs endlesly in my car. You're energy on stage is infectious. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!
21.11.2014 14:13
Joshua Beaupre

hay i hope everyting is going well i miss seeing you i hope you will do a new show here in burlington well keep playing that fiddle and rock out with the crowed!
20.11.2014 22:15

Dear Máiréad,
I am a junior in high school in the United States and I want to thank you and admire your extraordinary talent as a musician. Whenever I am stressed out or having a dolorous day, I simply listen to Celtic Woman and your fiddle playing. I have recently lost a family member that is dear to me and was very heartbroken. I looked up your album Raining Up and felt much better. Hearing you play the violin has made me feel very jubilant. I hope you continue your journey in the art of music! Thank you!
18.11.2014 01:24
Chris Maguire

You are so Beautiful Thank you for the great music
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