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25.08.2016 11:02

Recuerda que, sólo después de utilizar un comparador de seguros de coche podrás estar seguro de que la opción que has elegido es la más adecuada a tus necesidades y a tu bolsillo.
23.08.2016 00:37

Wow because this is great work! Congrats and keep it up.
19.08.2016 02:19
Paul Mohr

I suffer from depression and anxiety, so not many things in life bring me joy. You are one of those few. Your infectious smile, the way you glide around the stage when you perform, It warms my heart and calms my mind. You are my Angel, thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
08.08.2016 12:14
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

I read that you leave Celtic Woman...
I respect your decision, but my heart is broken.
Where can I see you?
Your violin and smile is my life motivation...
I hope, you understand me like your faithful Fan.
To me, you're irreplaceable ...
Once again, I respect your decision but my heart is broken ...

Forever Yours Croatian Fan...
02.08.2016 00:15
Ellianna Uldrich

Mirad is my role model for learning to play the violin. I'm so happy my sister introduced me to her awesome playing.
27.07.2016 23:54
Veronika Fannon

I had the great privilege to hear Celtic Woman live in Dayton on March 25, 2016. I am still in awe after four months gone!!!! The best concert I have ever been to; not just a musical event but magic. When Mairead was the first who appeared on the scene, I could not help myself screaming full of joy and excitement. I had not planned to do so, but just had to the minute I saw and heard her. Please come back to Dayton next year!!
20.07.2016 23:43
Jeffrey Rutter

Is Mairead Gaelic for angel? You are certainly angelic in your beauty and your talent.
04.07.2016 15:53

My lady & I had the pleasure of attending the Celtic Woman concert in Colorado Springs recently. It was all we could have hoped for....and more!

Please accept our sincere compliments on your performance. Your musical talent is superb and your stage presence must be seen to be believed. Best wishes to you and all the ladies of Celtic Woman.
30.06.2016 01:36
Joe Krieger

My wife, two sons and I were delighted to attend the "Celtic Woman Destiny" show in Lowell, MA on 6/28. Everyone's performances were phenomenal from beginning to end. Mairead, your pirouette onstage made my vision blur! :-) Our heart felt gratitude to you and all the cast for sharing your superb singing and dancing talents.
15.06.2016 18:38
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

Please,I want to tell you something;
Your performance of melody; Skyrim Theme (Dragonborn) inspires me to say one comparison.
If the Italian motorcycle driver (on moto GP racing); Valentino Rossi known as Doctor...
Italians call him: El dotore...
So, If is Valentino Rossi "El dotore " (for moto GP raccing), and truly yes...
I say; You are miss Mairead "Doctor for the Violin"
Maybe this comparison be for you little funny but,
I want to say great truth on the picturesque style.
Simply, your level of playing is such, that I can rightfully say;
Mairead you are a Doctor!!!

Greetings from Croatia for you and Celtic Woman!!!
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