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18.06.2013 02:20
Jennifer S

My 10 year old daughter and I are huge fans. Because of you she has decide to play the violin. She has been playing for a year. We were so excited to see you perform last night in Philadelphia. She wanted to say hi to you so badly. The show was wonderful and we will never forget it. Thank you for your beautiful music.
17.06.2013 21:05
Lloyd Miller

Mairead. Now that your US Tour is over, I wish you a safe trip home. I saw your concert in Elmira, NY and just marveled at the performance of your entire cast. The girls..Lisa, Chloe, and Lisa have wonderful voices. Your fiddle playing is magnificent. Three cheers to you all. Have a safe trip home, and hopefully see you all again next year. God bless you all.

17.06.2013 16:43
Jim Overton

Hi Mairead

I went to see two of your concerts in April,and they
were fantastic. Now that the tour is over I know you
will be happy to get home for a well deserved couple
of months off.

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching you
perform. I hope to see you again next year.
13.06.2013 18:56
bill myers

my wife and i saw a month ago in melbourne florida for the eighth time and as usual you were fantastic.
hope to see you again on the christmas tour.
please keep doing what you doing.
13.06.2013 18:51
The Phantom Of Rock

Hello, Mairead,
What's wrong with your fans...Seems Nobody is writing to you, Except me!
I Just Bought "Live At Slane Castle, 2007"...I am Mesmerized with that Concert! I miss Meav, Hayley, & Orla, however; Especially when she Played & Sang on The Harp.
It's true; I'm having a Fantasy infatuation Between, The Phantom Of Rock & The, "Violet-Violin"
PEACE & LOVE TO YOU, Mairead. The Phantom LOVES YA!!!
12.06.2013 20:13
The Phantom Of Rock

Hello, again
Mairead, I'd love to join your Band, as The Phantom Of Rock Guitarist...You & I could do some "Wild" Fantastic Playing together!
Call me? (I Know you won't)
1-(614) 626-3548
Columbus, Ohio USA
11.06.2013 16:26
The Phantom Of Rock

Good Morning, Violet-Violin (Well It's probably Night in Ireland)
I just watched your home video. The one of you expelling about Thaytheius, your violin
Your Killing Me with your "Shine of Love around you & your Grace.
If I were a rich man, I'd search the World over fof you. Whenever your in Proximity to Columbus, Ohio....I'm Going to get a concert Ticket and Hand YOU and The Other Ladies, A Video & Songs of my Original Music. It would HONOUR me if you went to see me at, well you know where. Can't write it down, but I'm sure you can figure it out,
10.06.2013 16:31
The Phantom Of Rock

Great Morning to you! You are The, "Violet-Violin"
Peace & Love to you, Ms. Nesbitt
11.06.2013 06:24
The Phantom Of Rock

Well Mairead,
I just watched, SONGS FROM THE HEART, 2009"
Again, I can't seem to get enough of you Ladies, Especially YOU!...I Miss the other Girls from the,"SLANE CASTLE, 2006 CONCERT"
Wish them well for me, if you ever see them again?
Bye for now, "VIOLET_VIOLIN"
10.06.2013 16:31
The Phantom Of Rock

Great Morning to you! You are The, "Violet-Violin"
Peace & Love to you, Ms. Nesbitt
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