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11.11.2015 04:16
Greg Duggan

Looking forward to seeing y'all in Richmond, VA, USA on April 5, 2016.
27.10.2015 21:51
Thomas J Kristensen

Hi Miss Beautiful
You are a Beautiful Girl as a Beautiful Swan. I like The Celtic Woman and the songs you sing warms my Heart. I often listen to you and your girls and I wish you the best in life where you might be in this icy selfish inhuman World we live in.
" Have a nice day - every day"
Thomas - Denmark - Jutland.
23.10.2015 01:10
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead :)

After long time I want a greet you and I hope, you remember me...
I see that Celtic Woman are now in a completely new edition.
I'm happy that the new girls continue hold high quality Celtic songs tradition.
Of course, your violin and smile give a special beauty and color.

Your Croatian Fan...
12.10.2015 07:14
Michael Ferrari

Mairead, can you teach me? I used to play when I was six, but my violin frets were loose so I got discouraged and quit. Now I'm 56 and I saw you play. You inspired me after all these years. I don't know what to do, but you inspire me to play again. My mom is now 90 and she told me before she is gone, she wants to hear me play again. Sincerely, Michael Ferrari 707-981-7341.
01.10.2015 03:50
Michele Kilkenny

Mairead - was in Ursuline orchestra playing Double Bass when you joined first violin in your green primary uniform (Sr Agustine picked me for that instrument as I was tallest in class - not for any talent I had)! Anyway, I live in Savannah GA now and will be at the Nov 1 show. Would love to touch base (I remember Frances. I was in Nina G class...)
27.09.2015 02:44
Norman Sills

Cant wait to see you on October 16th in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Have followed Celtic Woman for 10 years, and love everything about your music. You are a amazing performer.
26.09.2015 19:38
David O Jones

Thank you for your commitment to excellence in your music. You are truly an inspiration.
13.09.2015 22:58
Richard Pastor

Thank you so much I have never enjoyed music as I have listening to you. happiness has entered my life thanks to you, and the other ladies. I would give anything to see you in person on stage playing that fiddle. To meet all of you in person would be the greatest moment in my life. Again Thank you :-)
12.09.2015 08:00
Stephen Hicks

Just heard your CD "Raining Up". I love your music. And that's saying something for me, a 65-year-old rocker brought up on Jimi Hendrick, Led Zeppelin, and King Crimson. I can hardly wait for your next album. Please make it soon. :)
04.09.2015 00:54
Mike Ellis

Big big fan of yours. When you are close to where I live I try to go. Your beautiful and so talented. I hope someday to meet you.
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