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15.02.2012 19:54
Bob Gardner

Enjoyed your show in Tampa on February 14. You truly are amazing, look like floating on Fairy dust. God Bless and GOOD LUCK>
15.02.2012 06:55

Wow, what a violin player! I am just starting out to play it and you are an inspiration!

Thank you
13.02.2012 18:23
Tony Leek

Hi Mairead,

I've seen Celtic Women at the Fox in Atlanta twice. Each time its even better. Your skill and the joy you bring to music is a treasure. As a fellow musician you inspire me and make me want to create music. I hope your tour goes well and I'll look forward to the next time your in Atlanta!

All the best,

Tony Leek
13.02.2012 00:29
Lana Avery

My daughter and husband just got back from seeing you in Celtic Woman for the second time in Huntsville, AL. My daughter has been playing the violin for three years. She wants to meet you so bad. Is there a way to get back stage tickets? Thanks Lana
10.02.2012 02:27
pam gallo

I would like to join to chat on sunday? I think you are beautiful and are a great fiddle player.
10.02.2012 01:33
Tina Owen

Merryn started playing the violin at 7 after watching you play and cried when tickets were sold out in Asheville, NC last year. We are sooo excited to have tickets for Asheville this month!! All three of our little redheads will be there!
09.02.2012 21:12
Barrie Sibson

I love Celtic Woman & I love your playing the violin. Any man can dream but you are the princess I'd love to park my slippers beside your bed any time. Please you & the girls call into Australia again soon.
09.02.2012 03:31
Olivia Barker

I just got Believe! Yay! Epicness!
08.02.2012 18:45
Jordan Bullard`

Just wanted to stop by and say that you have a fan in Waco Texas that loves your music. Good luck with your tour and hope everything is going good.
07.02.2012 14:34
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Please allow me one comparison;

If is Flamenco guitarist: Paco de Lucia, "the God of the Flamenco guitar"...
Who is the Beautiful Goddess of the Violin?
The answer in it question for me is so clear;

Mairead... You are a Beautiful Goddess of Violin!

It is not just a "compliment"... It is the big True...

Best Regards for you and for Celtic Woman...
Your Croatian Fan!!!
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