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18.04.2012 03:14
John Wesley Mann

Dearest Máiréad,

We're posting Happy Birthday greeting everywhere you may see them in our bid to wish you the happiest of birthdays on your special day (which in recent years has become special to us too!).

I regret I will not be with fans in Denver to convey birthday wishes in person as I was last year in Springflield, but my birthday wishes are with you nonetheless! Your first birthday as a married lady is very special and we celebrate your obvious happiness, as you have reflected throughout this US tour! I'm afraid my small gift in Louisville last week will have to serve as my material birthday gift to you, but my real gift is in my esteem and devotion which I have for you always.

A Máiréadfanforum Moderator
18.04.2012 00:48

Happy Birthday Máiréad!!!

Wish you a beautifull day in Denver. Hope you have a lovely audience on your special day.

Best wishes
17.04.2012 20:12

Happy Birthday, my friend, and best wishes for many more.
17.04.2012 18:22

A Mháiréad, a chara, lá breithe shona duit. Gach dea-ghuí do mo chuid.
15.04.2012 05:40
Kim and Autumn

Happy EARLY Birthday! THANK YOU! It was AMAZING meeting you (Chloe and Lisa!!!!) at the Louisville Palace before getting on your bus! Thank you ALL for the photo's and the rose. You are THE MOST AMAZING violinist!! Celtic Woman sound like ANGELS on earth !!! Simply AMAZING!!! CONCERT WAS BREATH TAKING!!!! Bless you all!!! See you again soon! Kim and Autumn Rain
14.04.2012 23:13
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

The most Beautiful Violinist on the World and the Best Violinist in the all Universe has a Birthday soon...( 18.04.)

Let be Realized all your wishes...
Let be the most Beautiful Dream become your Reality...

Best Regards to You and for Celtic Woman!!!

Your Croatian Fan...
12.04.2012 22:35
Robb Speciale

Saw your show in Chicago a few weeks ago. My Wife made go with her after I bought the tickets for her. I expected that she would take one of her girl friends. I am glad that she insisted. You Rock! from one musician to another you had over the top energy. It is hard enough just to play, you take it to a whole new level. Gymnastics with a fiddle. Super....Thanks great gig!

Robb Speciale
12.04.2012 20:42
Luiz Flávio

Hi. When you and all Celtic Women come to Brazil? I fell for you in the first time I whatched your DVD. Wonderfull!!! Success for you and all Celtic Women!!! You are beaultiful... true angels of God!!!
12.04.2012 06:26
David Yarymowicz

I saw the CW in St. Louis tonight and Mairead was wonderful. She was so energetic and her music was "on the money!" If she reads this email, I'd like to know if she ever hurt herself playing and dancing. Those stairs at the concert looked precarious!
11.04.2012 01:26

I was at the concert in Memphis on Saturday night, I was so impressed at your level of talent, you are absolutely amazing and I was so glad that I was able to finally attend one of the Celtic Woman concerts. There is no doubt that the next time you are in Memphis, that I will once again be there and it is such a pleasure to see someone use there talent in a way that is entertaining to such a wide audience. It is a great thing to see how much that you enjoying pleasing an audience. I encourage you to continue using your talent in this way and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Thanks for a wonderful night of music and fun.
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