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05.05.2012 06:51
Tom Feltz


It was great seeing you in Philadelphia during your North American tour. We spoke briefly about the uilleann pipes at the Meet'n'Greet. I meant to ask are you still working on a new album? I hope that Flyers bear is a good luck charm for you. Travel safely in Europe.

05.05.2012 00:48
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Thank you and Thank You again for your effort to write me an answer!!!
I'm reading that you play the piano, so I want to see you with piano...
Let me tell you a great truth;

Your Violin and your Smile is deep in my heart and
deep in my heart is Celtic Woman songs...
When I said;
"You are the Best violinist on the World"
It is not "just" a compliment...

In my Heart you are the Best violinist on the World!!!

Thank you Mairead!!!
01.05.2012 22:06
Scott Manke

Dear Máiréad,

Thank you so much for the great 2012 Believe tour. Many special moments were had by all and those are expressed in reviews in your fan forum. Thank you especially for the kindness at the meet & greets in Denver and Las Vegas. Questions answered and some very kind remarks much appreciated. Very happy you enjoy the Máiréad doll and that she will accompany you on tours. I'm very honored and no doubt Elaina is too. Have a wonderful rest in NH and Ireland and a great tour in Europe.

Blessings and peace,
Scott Manke
Máiréad fan forum
administrator emeritus
30.04.2012 16:24
Jim Overton

Hi Mairead

Good luck and have a great european tour.

Hope to see you and all the girls back in
Roanoke Va next year.
30.04.2012 15:30
Louis Jeune

Love your music and the way you dance and olay all at the same time.
30.04.2012 04:40
Lyndon McGovern

Las Vegas LOVE YOU come back soon. Me to
28.04.2012 20:28
Joey and Lonny

You are such a joy to watch on stage. We have been to see Celtic Woman for the past four years in Baltimore and plan to go back for 2013! Hugs!
26.04.2012 22:33
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Please let me ask you:

I'm trying to find on the Internet some video where you play the Piano!?
I'm searched on the Internet some video where I can see ,
Mairead with piano, and unfortunately I have not found anything...
I hope I'm not so bad internet investigator!?

You are is the Best violinist on the World!!!
But ... Who is the Best pianist in the world ?

We your Fans expected of You one "Piano surprise" he-he !!!

Best Regards to You and for Celtic Woman!!!

Forever Your Croatian Fan...
Hello Marino,

Thank you for your lovely comments regarding the show and your support of Celtic Woman and myself.

To answer your questions ( there was no time until now)....

1. There are no internet clips with me playing piano as far as I know.

2.I'm sure I'm not the best violinist in the world- noone is, we are all different which is a good thing!

Again, I don't know who the best pianist in the world is either! Again, all different!

3. No, no expectations of me surprising people playing piano please! I love piano and loved playing piano growing up but my main love in music is my violin!


24.04.2012 00:11
Richard Neel

I have seen you many times on Kentucky Education Television, but was able to come see you live at the Palace Theater on April 10th, 2012. You are a delight to see and hear you play. I am hoping Celtic Woman continues to come to Louisville and I again will come see.

May God Bless You,

23.04.2012 22:06
Randy Haas

Hi Mairead, I saw Celtic Women Saturday night (Portland, Or) and I am really impressed with the amount of energy you have. You are a show just by yourself. Thank you for the amazing talent. Randy
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