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12.03.2012 03:18
Chuck K. - Ohio, USA

I believe you are one of the best violinist/fiddlers of all truly have a God-given gift. As one of your millions of fans, I hope you continue sharing your musical talents with the world for as long as possible. Best Wishes for your Life, Love, and Happiness!
09.03.2012 23:19
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

I want to do something Nice for You...
I sent you some of my photos to your e-mail address;

I hope... You will really enjoy in the Beauty of the sunset in the beautiful blue and crystal clear
Croatian Adriatic Sea!!!
No, this is not a tourist advertising...
This is the wish of my Heart.

I want to see Celtic Woman in Croatia...

Best Regards to You and for Celtic Woman!!!
09.03.2012 04:37
Olivia Barker

Honors Orchestra tomorrow! I wish I had some of your fiddle master awesomeness!
09.03.2012 02:47

My name is Sydney and I would like to be a part of the Celtic Woman! Any advice on how to pursue my dream???? Thanks! =D
08.03.2012 02:46

Enjoy watching all of you when your on pbs. You bring such a wide range of emotions to the stage and lots of energy. I am hoping to bring my parents to the next show in Memphis TN. God bless all of you and may you all have a wonderful life and career.
27.02.2012 01:54
Olivia Barker

Saw the show tonight in SC! Thank you for the wonderful music and the wonderful experience. This is without a doubt the highlight of my year. Again, thank you.
23.02.2012 19:45
Jeff Viens

My wife and I are filled with excitement anticipating your return to Chicago. Our anniversary is near the time you all come here and we have been blessed to share our anniversary with all of you for the past 6 years! We can't wait to celebrate our 8th anniversary by seeing Celtic Woman for the 7th time! God bless you and the rest of Celtic Woman!
Jeff and Robin Viens
23.02.2012 08:18

I attended the Celtic Woman concert at the John Paul Jones Arena today Feb.22,2012
It was the greatest Concert I've ever attended!
This young lady must have been sent from Heaven!
Her performance was outstanding!!
23.02.2012 06:15
Lidy G

Hi mairead! I discovered your music some weeks ago and I`m in love with it! It changed my life a lot, as it gives much power, emotion and dignity. I`m very thankful to you for playing it! Keep goin` in this way!!!
Greetings from Moldova!!!
19.02.2012 00:58
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

You are like a Pearl that is found at the bottom of the ocean.
Your musical talent, smile and Beauty , it is this "Pearl" that is hidden in the ocean of Love...

I hope that day will come when I can read this wonderful news;

Believe Croatian Tour Dates, or
Celtic Woman Croatian Tour Dates...

Your Croatian Fan!!!
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