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24.05.2012 23:24
Lindsay Liske

Hi Mairead! I am your BIGGEST FAN in Jacksonville Florida! I have been to every show that the Celtic Woman has performed here! I am twelve years old and have been playing the violin since six years old. You are my role model!!! When practices get tough I think of you! Thanks for all you do! I hope someday that I can meet you in person! :)
24.05.2012 00:07
Ron V Odoski

Mairead I enjoy listening to you play the Violin so much! I have only just now discovered The Celtic Women and I'm blown away by how natural your music flows from you! And yes I call it dancing as well!
Mairead thank you for what you do! Please don't ever stop fiddeling, And please whatever you do, Don't ever cut your hair! Thank You Again Mairead!
16.05.2012 07:44

Dear Mairead,

I'm so excited that CW are coming to South Africa! My tickets are booked! This is such a wonderful year for me. Going to Paris & the Olympics in London with my sister and godchild and then to top it off being able to see CW live with my mother! Good luck with your European tour.

Sien julle in September!
15.05.2012 17:43
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Please...Forgive me Mairead if I'm boring you!!!
I read on : Celtic Woman website this news;

Celtic Woman Tour South Africa...

I know "CW" want to visit Africa and it is a special feeling when you have the first show
in this beautiful country...
But in my heart is a hidden one question;

Will and when Celtic Woman visiting Croatia?

My Croatian Heart love you and Celtic Woman with all my strength,
and many Croatian Heart will Really Loves You and Celtic Woman!!!

Believe me...
11.05.2012 07:28

Dear Máiréad, please, do not give so - you ARE the best violist on the world! There are some fans who think so. I hope, you had a good time in Hamburg and found some new High Heels as souvenir :-). Yesterday evening i had a wonderful time in O2 World Arena in Hamburg. I missed your Violin in "Sailing". Thank you so much for the charming music and this fantastic show! Thank you, dear Máréad, Chloe, Lisa, Susan, Eoghan, Ray, Andy, Ewan, Tommy, Shane, Anthony, Craig, Andrea, Kate, Colm, Dermont, Mairead Maguire and all other meber of the Celtic Woman. Please... come back soon!
Many greetings and have a good journey in Europe, Ralf
11.05.2012 03:02
Stephanie E.

Dear Mairead,

Thank you for a wonderful show in Las Vegas! It was the best show to date in my opinion! I can't wait for the next tour, I'm sure it'll be amazing too. Thanks again and travel safely!!
11.05.2012 00:42

Wow, what an amazing show tonight in Hamburg. Full of fantastic music, light, sound and fun. Just wanna thank you all for a wonderfull evening. I hope you like Hamburg? I do.
wish you a sucessfull european tour and safe travels

Hi Heiko, Hamburg is one of my favourite cities! Thank you, we are having a great tour, busy busy! But great to bring our show to everyone here!

All the best,

08.05.2012 22:18
Olivia Barker

I will dedicate my school performances (guitar and orchestra) to you. Have fun in Germany!
Thank you Olivia! The best of luck in your performances!

All the best, Máiréad.

ps. Don't worry about the accents in my name, they are not showing properly for me either, we will look at it!
06.05.2012 01:13
Olivia Barker

Sorry for not using accents in your name. I probably should have apologized earlier. I can used them anywhere but here oddly. If it does offend you I apologize.
05.05.2012 06:51
Tom Feltz


It was great seeing you in Philadelphia during your North American tour. We spoke briefly about the uilleann pipes at the Meet'n'Greet. I meant to ask are you still working on a new album? I hope that Flyers bear is a good luck charm for you. Travel safely in Europe.

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