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27.09.2015 02:44
Norman Sills

Cant wait to see you on October 16th in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Have followed Celtic Woman for 10 years, and love everything about your music. You are a amazing performer.
26.09.2015 19:38
David O Jones

Thank you for your commitment to excellence in your music. You are truly an inspiration.
13.09.2015 22:58
Richard Pastor

Thank you so much I have never enjoyed music as I have listening to you. happiness has entered my life thanks to you, and the other ladies. I would give anything to see you in person on stage playing that fiddle. To meet all of you in person would be the greatest moment in my life. Again Thank you :-)
12.09.2015 08:00
Stephen Hicks

Just heard your CD "Raining Up". I love your music. And that's saying something for me, a 65-year-old rocker brought up on Jimi Hendrick, Led Zeppelin, and King Crimson. I can hardly wait for your next album. Please make it soon. :)
04.09.2015 00:54
Mike Ellis

Big big fan of yours. When you are close to where I live I try to go. Your beautiful and so talented. I hope someday to meet you.
12.08.2015 18:22
Roy Burress

My wife passed away last year and I have received a lot of comfort viewing your videos. Many, many thanks.
11.08.2015 00:02
steve callen

you are the greatest fiddler and violinist that i've ever saw play. when you, chloe, lisa kelly, and lynn were all in celtic women at the same time there was nothing better. even today celtic women is very dynamic with yourself and all of the newer singers etc...
31.07.2015 08:19
robert scott

Well, hello again, Mairead-on-parade. Hope you are doing well. Sending out my best to you.
Robert Scott
New Mexico USA
28.07.2015 19:51
Bobby McGill

I've tried sooo many times to leave a message... Perhaps this will be the charm ! Just to say thank you once again for the joy you and the the Ladies give to the world . It's very difficult to tell you that in person as we are very much gob smacked by your charm , grace , beauty and kindness . Erin and I cherish the moments we share with Celtic Woman and we just would like to thank you for the happiness you bring . I told you to me you were unique in all the world , but God made you unique for all the world... Thank you for for sharing your gift !
02.07.2015 04:04
Rollin Wilber

I wish I had the means to see you play live. You are very good. Keep playing and dancing.
Thank you.
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