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25.04.2016 17:14
Heather Hill

Dear Mairead,
I was in the Macon City Auditorium on Friday night (22 April 2016) for the Destiny tour. I was so thrilled you were there since I wasn't familiar with the singers that night. I'm used to seeing the ones that were on the PBS Christmas specials. I love your performance. Your passion and enthusiasm and your lovely, talented music and dancing and your gorgeous dresses are so lovely. You are so beautiful and inspiring with your performance. Thank you for working so hard to rev up the audience and to make the concert so exciting. Your performance was a perfect 10. I always think you look like such a beautiful fairy with your bow as a magic wand. Very clever! I hope to one day visit Ireland....where my ancestors are from.

God bless you always.
Thank you for coming to Macon, GA.
Heather Leigh Hill
18.04.2016 10:37
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

Happy Birthday!!!

Loves you, your Croatian Fan...
18.04.2016 09:30
Udo Mueller

Dear Máiréad

Have a wonderful birthday. I wish your every day to be filled with lots of love, laughter, happiness and the warmth of sunshine.

Best wishes
18.04.2016 06:00
Mordeis Commander

Not sure what time zone you're in but:

Happy Birthday Mairead !
06.04.2016 04:11
Kenny Perry

hi,looking forward to show April 16 in Durham,N.C. All of you are awesome!!!!!
08.03.2016 05:50
Tom Monti


I know you won't remember me, but after last Wednesday evening, there is no way I will ever forget you. I just wish there were a way I could send you a personal message without the entire world reading it.
28.02.2016 06:29
GA Coastie

I love Celtic Woman, but YOU are the highlight. The singers may come and go, but you are the main attraction in my opinion. Please, don't leave!!!! I love the way you present excitement and enthusiasm. And, your musical accomplishment is unsurpassed.
Love ya,
From Georgia USA
23.02.2016 11:38

Hi! Just wondering where you are enjoying your time off today? You don't need to answer this; I was just thinking.
18.02.2016 00:14
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

"You are like a pearl that was found at the bottom of the ocean..."
On the world there are many violinists,
but no one has talent like you and smile beautiful like a pearl!
Ms.Mairead I want you to know; I play guitar and my musical motivation is in you and Celtic Woman.
Thank you for this motivation, and something else;
Please remember the Croatia, because many people know about Celtic Woman here and many people
want to see your concert!

Greetings from Croatia...
07.02.2016 17:45
Gerald Auth

Dear Mairead,thnks for a wonderful, great evening by the concert at Palladium in Cologne. This was a perfect and fantastic show from Celtic Woman and specially from you!!!
You`re having so much temperament and I feel, that you love`s the music!!!
Hope to see you again next time!!!
With love
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