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23.02.2014 02:47
Jerry Chesnut

Mairead I forgot to complete my thought. I see you as the worlds best violinist, and I can't think of a prettier one than you either. Jerry
23.02.2014 02:41
Jerry Chesnut

Mairead I have admired you since I first saw the original Celtic Woman members perform. I was never able to come see the group in person though. I have an opportunity coming up when you appear in Ashville N.C. Your performance of the Butterfly always amazes me. Barring any troubles or problems on my end, I will finally get to see the worlds best violinist.
21.02.2014 04:04

I saw your performance this week in Montgomery, Alabama. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. You took a hard fall on stage, but showed absolute professionalism in a quick recovery and continuing the piece. You have my utmost respect, not only as a musician, but as a professional performer.
09.02.2014 14:29
Matías Porpatto

Hi, just say you are amazing and very very beautifull girl. Regrets from Argentina.

01.02.2014 14:14
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Please, I want something tell you ;
I sing in the church choir and one lady play the violin in the choir.
I'm showed your video ( Shenandoah and the Contradiction ) this lady ,how you play the violin...
she said; Oh my God, that's wonderful...
Do you know who Play the Violin in video?
Ms.Mairead Nesbitt... I say!
I did not know, but Ms.Mairead is so wonderful!!!
Dear Mairead, I want that you know, I'm met many people with your music and Celtic Woman here in Croatia
and constantly to do almost every day.
People here in Croatia show a Great interest for Celtic Woman, and all wish to see your concert.

Best Regards from me, and from Ms.Zdenka, who plays the violin in the Church choir!
Your Croatian Fan...
21.01.2014 02:41
Jeff DeWitt

Mairead, guess this is my first ever fan mail!

I stumbled across you around Christmas thanks to YouTube and Celtic Woman, and don't think I've ever been so impressed with a performer. You are so good at what you do, and so obviously having fun doing it how could anyone not enjoy watching, especially as you are a beautiful young woman.

With all the ugliness and hate in the world it is so refreshing to see someone like you, you make me proud to be human. May God continue to bless you and your family.
12.01.2014 17:15
Hugh Abernthy

Enjoy listening to Celtic Woman, but, most of all, enjoy listening to your music, and watching your movements as you play. You're just like a little butterfly. Keep up the good work.
12.01.2014 03:56
mathias (sere)

hi mairead my english isnt well is do it in german. meine freundin wird am 6.2. geschieden und wir haen vor in diesem jahr zu heiraten. unser budged ist sehr klein doch euer song *you raise me up* hat uns über diese zeit begleitet und uns viel kraft gegeben. meine frage leider im moment noch ohne festes datum würdet ihr eventuell nur für diesen song zu uns kommen und unsere traung damit begleiten? es würde uns unwahrscheinlich viel bedeuten. seid so lieb und meldet euch.
01.01.2014 14:34
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Happy New Year 2014!
I wish to you and Celtic woman Good luck, Health and Success in the year 2014...
I have one special wish;
I want that Celtic Woman have first concert in Croatia...

31.12.2013 15:23
Jim Overton

Hi Mairead

Happy New Year to my favorite
fiddle player. I love watching
you perform. See you on
March the 9th in Roanoke,Va.
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