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06.08.2011 07:46

Much admiration for your artistic talent. Tried to capture my impression of what I saw in poetry. Thought I'd pass along a copy...

Watching Celtic Woman’s Dancing Violinist

She flits through the air like the swish of a love letter.
A ribbon might faint from her sapphire dress, so
satin she slides, almost snaking. Facing
our tuned eyes and pleated smiles, she sways
like a curtain in wind-breath. Poised in the shuffling
hush, as on a cliff edge, ready…

Watch her fingers call music out.
Call it up, fingers. Watch her.

She vibes, she startles like a glad whistle in a crowd,
joy-aching, ah, yes, a blond-
hair-flinging-type of aching.. Watch
her jig that keen Lydian mode! Such razor
glee; she plucks hearts like catgut strings
on the viol at her shoulder, never mistaking. She bounces
04.08.2011 00:33
Fabrizio from Italy

Ciao Mairead, we have a nice discussion in the meet and greet in Vienna, do you remember? Did you receive my flowers in hamburg? A big kiss from Italy!!
02.08.2011 22:58
Thomas J Kristensen


You have a beautiful charming face when I see you dancing around with your violin and radiates an inner beauty and confidence. I wish you the best for the future wherever you may find yourself in the world and that you surround yourself with people who will do anything good for you.

I know I have writen to you before but you will always be in my heart when I need some inspiration in life or look at a girl with a heart of gold, you deserve the best in your life.
There also many beautiful places in Ireland -England -London.
Thanks for your beautiful music you remind me and look like a beautiful " Swan "
Best regards love
Thomas J K
02.08.2011 00:38

what is the life?,; a dream ? , an ilusion ?.
why tell my why ? ...
lovely greeting of an admirer spanish from a far away Spain's corner,
forever an ever
Juan L
31.07.2011 14:30
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

With your smile Violin gets a special Power;
It is Power that can change the World for the Better...

Thank you for Fan Newsletter!!!
30.07.2011 20:46
david reinhardt

GOD She is truly beautiful, she plays music like the angel she is
28.07.2011 15:07
Olivia Barker

You are my biggest inspiration. If I hadn't seen you on tv SFTH I might have quit the violin and if I didn't quit I just might not have recognized how much I really love it. Thank you. For being you.
28.07.2011 04:49

You've helped inspire me to take up the violin. Thank you so much for your beautiful music and the lives you've touched.
25.07.2011 12:01
Marilla Beecher

I have only recently discovered the magic that is Celtic Woman and I have to say that you Mairead can't be human! The way you dance around on that stage playing such beautiful and inspiring music, you must have been a fairy in another life. :) Words cannot express how much I am delighted that you and Celtic Woman are coming to York in Sep17. I am a jewellery designer and most of my stuff is made while I listen to your music. I would love to present you and the other girls with a gift of appreciation when I come and see you in Sep, but I probably won’t be able to get near you for all your other adoring fans!
24.07.2011 23:39

hello again sister i can not wait tell your concert goes on sale and how old do u have to be to join the celtic woman i guess i will see u in December in the snow it snows a lot in buffalo love your sister xoxox
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