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09.05.2011 01:31
Michael Fitzgerald

Happy Mother's Day Iníon Nesbitt, and pass on my greeting to your very talented mother.

Is é an lá máthar, cibé áit ina bhfuil tú i gcónaí speisialta.

Le gean Máiréad,

05.05.2011 13:27

Hi from germany.
I´m very glad that you come next month to germany for a few shows. I come from a very big musically family and we´re all fans of yours. Your cd raining up is great and i hope that there is some day a new cd from you available.
So have always a safe travel and much fun. See you soon in Bielefeld...the Beekmann Family
04.05.2011 07:43
Robert Scott

Well, Mairead, did you get those boots after all? If not, try Austin. You might have good luck there. After all, Texas is known for its boots, ya' know.
Robert Scott
New Mexico USA
02.05.2011 02:56
Mathew S. Weems

Dear Mairead,
My hometown of Tuscaloosa, as you may have heard on the news, was hit by a tornado Wednesday and it hit us hard. Your music would be a nice relief for us here. When the group comes to the state, may this town, especially those who had tickets but lost them along with everything else, have a song dedicated? Anything y'all plan to do for us is very appreciated.
Hi Mathew,

All our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who lost so much in the disastrous weather there. We will of course do our very best.

You are in our hearts.
01.05.2011 16:40
Dave Acuff

HI, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the concert last night in Springfield, Mo. You have the energy and personality to lift the audience to a higher level. I have always wanted to see CW in concert and thank you for bringing your tour to our city. Many blessings to you, I appreciate your skills, I have a famous fiddler in my family too, you may have heard of him, Roy Acuff.

Best wishes,

Dave Acuff
29.04.2011 07:46
Jenna Smyth

Hi Mairead! I just am telling you that I am a fan of yours. I am almost 9 years old and my mom took me to see a celtic woman concert. I am learning to play the violin and I hope that someday i can play as good as you. I also play the piano and i love to sing. celtis woman is my favorite group and I hope that I get to come to more shows later. I just wanted to let you know that you are my most favorite of all! I am hoping someday that I will get to meet you for real. I think that would be so much fun. My little brother likes you too and says that he thinks you are very pretty. I do too.

I hope you are ok and I just would like to say hi! So hi!!

see you soon,
Hi Jenny!

Thank you! I'm glad you are inspired and hope you keep up your music and keep practising!
Please say thanks to your little brother too! Thanks for saying hi!

Hope to see you soon!
29.04.2011 00:40
Jim Candlish

Saw you and the gals last night in Milwaukee. What a classy and incredibly talented group. I am jealous you make it look so easy.
See you again real soon I hope
28.04.2011 00:59
Olivia Barker

do u have any tips for tone?... u know a way to keep the open strings (mostly E and A) from sounding so harsh. I would settle for fourth finger but I really want to improve in my playing.
Hi Olivia, I favor a more mellow tone.
It of course depends on your instrument and more so, on the way you play. The way you draw your bow across the string and also, as you say, fingering.
In slower pieces, I nearly always use my fourth or little finger instead of the open string. This is good for a few reasons. It improves your technique, tone and strength of the weakest finger usually. You can also play up in position, 2nd or 3rd position, it depends on the piece.
In fast numbers, I always use open strings as I like the brightness then & also it's practical at that speed.

Hope this helps!
26.04.2011 20:05

Your music has been an inspiration to me in times of need, to give me hope when all was lost. Now I have found the strength to accept the joy in life and dismiss the fear. I will be marring my soul mate in two months and I can guarantee our guests will fell the same bliss during the reception listening to raining up as we do. I just want to thank you. Please keep spreading your gift to the world.

Gra Anois Agus Go Deo

Christoph & Catherine
24.04.2011 12:54
Kevin McGraw

Hi Mairead,
Happy Easter!
Alleluia in the highest
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