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17.07.2011 12:10
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

I will admit to you a truth;
Never before I have not listened the violin...
Your Violin and your smile,
made a big change in my musical orientation...
I play guitar, but among the guitarists I have not found the right musical motivation,
the real motivation I found in your violin and your smile !
your violin and your Smile make a Great change for the Better in my life !

Thank you Mairead; I will be Forever your Fan...

Srdačan Pozdrav iz Hrvatske!
14.07.2011 15:28
Heinz Linner

bhfuair tú an beannachtai ó Vin ? Teacht ar ais go luath, is maith liom do ceol.
08.07.2011 18:08
Michael Fitzgerald

Mo Iníon Nesbitt daor,

Welcome home, no matter where one travels or what one accomplishes, it is always a great relief to return to your family, your friends and those places near and dear to your heart. And if those lovely moments with friends and family include Tullamore Dew, Power’s or even poitín (if you’re feeling both lucky and adventuresome), well and good.

Le gean,

07.07.2011 00:05
Ashley Rose

Every time we watch Celtic Woman, my 3 yr old daughter says 'Mommy, those are MY girls!' She always wants to watch you so she can dance too :) You have an amazing God-given talent. I hope to see MUCH more from you!
06.07.2011 21:31
matt nesbitt

heya cuz how you been keeping long time no see when you visiting ireland again hope your doing well
02.07.2011 02:31
R. Scott

Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Er . . . . . . jiggerty jig? Ah well, welcome home, Mairead-on-parade!!!!!!!! Home sweet home at last, eh? Wish I could have been at the Dublin airport to welcome you back, but alas . . . . . . . . . . Glad you're back home.
01.07.2011 15:55
Mathias Kaboth

It is my pleasure to have found you in the net, you're not just being nice! no your Pres�nz and brings your games to your violin for the entire first expression what makes your person. Of course I have their DVD's on youtube but you can see only what you all for playing an important role you play, so you do once the whole show! You are simply great.
MFG: Metty Kaboth
30.06.2011 00:50
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Shenandoah - Is the most Beautiful melodies on your violin what am I listening in my life...

Everything what you play on the violin is a Masterpiece of Musical Art,
but Shenandoah best shows the True Size of your Musical Genius...
Please Mairead;
Play Shenandoah much more...
Please come to Croatia...

Best Regards for You and for Celtic Woman!!!
29.06.2011 21:22

you are absolutely the most beautiful, and talented fiddle player i have ever seen.
29.06.2011 19:42
Prof. Heinz Linner

Thank you for the greetins and the fotos.
I whis you all the best, dear.
With love and best greetings from Vienna
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