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11.08.2011 19:17
Mieke Verbeke

Dear Mairead,

My daughter is 5 years old and play now 1 year the violin. She loves it. She was 2 years old when she ask for the violin. She love's looking at you when you play the violin. We want to go to antwerp on 22 sept, but everthing is full. It was a disappointment for her.
Have you a picture for her? We looked for a good poster or picture of you on internet, but found no.
Hope to here from you soon.
Mieke Verbeke and Anika Neels (5y)
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
11.08.2011 02:20
Thorsten Erichsen

Dear Mairead,
the song "jesu joy of men´s desiring" is for me the best song, that my ears hear in my whole life. I know the song since I am 5 years old. I am from Germany and listen there to the german lyrics "Jesu bleibet meine Freude" Every time when I am sad, I listen to that song and feel good. And I do so since 30 years... When I hear that song when you and the other woman singing´s a feeling, I think there are no words for in every language. Thank you for singing! My English is not so good, so excuse me for the mistakes. I hope god bless you and the other woman of "celtic woman" more than I can pray for! Thorsten
09.08.2011 09:12

Hello Mairead,i just want to say that not only are you beautiful,but your are beautiful with your music as well.The way you play and dance and your facial expressions just makes the music come alive.I have to admit that i get tears of happiness in my eyes to hear you play. I love the fiddle and it would be great to hear you and Charlie Daniels get together and do a song or two.Thank you with all my heart for what you do.
08.08.2011 20:20
George Brown


You are full of such energy and life!!! Wish I could get just a touch of that vitality! You are an exquisite fiddle player.

So glad Celtic Woman decided to make their U.S. DVD debut in my home state of Georgia!!! Atlanta is a fabulous city. I hope ya'll are treated with the utmost respect and shown the best of our "Southern Hospitality". Be sure to bring cool clothes with you. September in Georgia is hot, usually in the 80's and 90's. It will be hot, but it's the humidity that really gets you!!!

Thank you for the beautiful music ya'll bring into our lives. You will never truly understand the joy that each of you bring to millions of people!

Yours Always,

06.08.2011 07:46

Much admiration for your artistic talent. Tried to capture my impression of what I saw in poetry. Thought I'd pass along a copy...

Watching Celtic Woman’s Dancing Violinist

She flits through the air like the swish of a love letter.
A ribbon might faint from her sapphire dress, so
satin she slides, almost snaking. Facing
our tuned eyes and pleated smiles, she sways
like a curtain in wind-breath. Poised in the shuffling
hush, as on a cliff edge, ready…

Watch her fingers call music out.
Call it up, fingers. Watch her.

She vibes, she startles like a glad whistle in a crowd,
joy-aching, ah, yes, a blond-
hair-flinging-type of aching.. Watch
her jig that keen Lydian mode! Such razor
glee; she plucks hearts like catgut strings
on the viol at her shoulder, never mistaking. She bounces
04.08.2011 00:33
Fabrizio from Italy

Ciao Mairead, we have a nice discussion in the meet and greet in Vienna, do you remember? Did you receive my flowers in hamburg? A big kiss from Italy!!
02.08.2011 22:58
Thomas J Kristensen


You have a beautiful charming face when I see you dancing around with your violin and radiates an inner beauty and confidence. I wish you the best for the future wherever you may find yourself in the world and that you surround yourself with people who will do anything good for you.

I know I have writen to you before but you will always be in my heart when I need some inspiration in life or look at a girl with a heart of gold, you deserve the best in your life.
There also many beautiful places in Ireland -England -London.
Thanks for your beautiful music you remind me and look like a beautiful " Swan "
Best regards love
Thomas J K
02.08.2011 00:38

what is the life?,; a dream ? , an ilusion ?.
why tell my why ? ...
lovely greeting of an admirer spanish from a far away Spain's corner,
forever an ever
Juan L
31.07.2011 14:30
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

With your smile Violin gets a special Power;
It is Power that can change the World for the Better...

Thank you for Fan Newsletter!!!
30.07.2011 20:46
david reinhardt

GOD She is truly beautiful, she plays music like the angel she is
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