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14.05.2011 01:12
Michael Fitzgerald

Iníon chara Nesbitt,

I was personally relieved and delighted when I was informed of the tour in Japan, it will no doubt raise the spirits of a severely tried but valiant people, and also increase the aid they need so desperately. Thank you.

Le gean,

12.05.2011 21:31
Mathew S. Weems

Dear Mairead,
Thanks for the kind reply and for everyone in the towns affected by the storm, thank you for thinking of us. We're getting "a little bit stronger."

11.05.2011 21:00
larry joachim

i have all the dvd's and most of the music. love it all!!! just want to say i am in love with you and if you are single that would be great. you are so talented and gorgeous it isn't fair to other women. yes the other girls in the group are pretty but sweetie you are a knockout. such a little package but really dynamite in looks and movement--so much energy. always wishing you would jump into my lap. love larry
11.05.2011 20:44
Heinz Armin Linner

Dear ladys, we see us in Vienna. I have the certainty, it´s a wonderful evening for your concert. It´s a great experience for me, I see you live.
10.05.2011 18:56
Jimmy Doolin

Looking forward to seeing you and the group on May 15 in Wichita Falls Texas. I know we not be disappointed.
09.05.2011 06:23

Hi Máiréad! Saw you in Chicago on 4/16/11 - awesome show! You were every bit as fantastic in person as we hoped you'd be. :)

I was was wondering how you'd fare with such a small stage, but you made it work wonderfully. Also, thank you so much for including Granuaile's Dance as part of the performance... I nearly cried from sheer joy when I recognized the intro, and I was left in a state of pure wonder by its end.

May your violin always sing,
Your music gracefully take wing
And soar; you our hearts rapture bring.

Go mbeannaí Dia duit, Máiréad!
09.05.2011 05:19
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

I tried using Twitter, ask you one question,
but unfortunately I was not able to do with Twitter.
I know that your "guest book" is not for "asking questions" but,
I hope you can make this an exception!!!

Please let me ask you;

Celtic Woman have a plan to hold a concert in Croatia ?

23rd May on yours web page will be posted video with your answers
So write to yours Celtic Woman official website!
I hope You can answer on my question!

Thank you very much
Hi, as far a as I know we are not going to Croatia. We are doing some of Europe in the next few months taking in Budapest. All info for that tour will be up on as well as here in another months or so.
09.05.2011 01:31
Michael Fitzgerald

Happy Mother's Day Iníon Nesbitt, and pass on my greeting to your very talented mother.

Is é an lá máthar, cibé áit ina bhfuil tú i gcónaí speisialta.

Le gean Máiréad,

05.05.2011 13:27

Hi from germany.
I´m very glad that you come next month to germany for a few shows. I come from a very big musically family and we´re all fans of yours. Your cd raining up is great and i hope that there is some day a new cd from you available.
So have always a safe travel and much fun. See you soon in Bielefeld...the Beekmann Family
04.05.2011 07:43
Robert Scott

Well, Mairead, did you get those boots after all? If not, try Austin. You might have good luck there. After all, Texas is known for its boots, ya' know.
Robert Scott
New Mexico USA
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