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23.06.2011 21:03

Mairead, you are a great violinist and a lovely lady.
Was a little disappointed with the leaving out of the fourth verse of Amazing Grace on Celtic Womans Songs from the Heart. Hope nobody's ashamed of the Lord Jesus Christ.
20.06.2011 17:26

Dear Máiréad

Thank you for the beautiful haunting shows in Frankfurt, Dresden and Duesseldorf. That's was three amazing nights. Wish you and the other girls all the best for the rest of tour here in Germany.

Best Wishes
20.06.2011 17:25
Olivia Barker

I saw the German video! Did u see that guy who was air fiddling the whole time?!
20.06.2011 16:22
Michael Fitzgerald

Dearest Máiréad,

I know how busy you are with this current tour so this is just a note of Irish national pride. A young man from Northern Ireland named Rory McIlroy won the US Open golf tournament yesterday and at a record breaking pace. Bealtaine Dia a chur leis an nGaeilge cibé áit a mbeidh, agus le Máiréad leat.

19.06.2011 07:54
Thomas *

I love your music and I often listen to it if I need to get some inspiration in my life, you're a beautiful girl and deserves the best in your life. You look like a beautiful "swan" when I see you dancing around with your violin and your charming face.
Take good care of your self
Best regards - love
Thomas - Denmark - Jutland
16.06.2011 00:57
Sven Baeuerlein


hope you and the other girls from CW are fine. I wasn't able to see you live, yet.... tadaaaaa.... till now.

I'm going to join the audience this saturday in Duesseldorf and I'm really, really looking forward to it.

Just can't wait 2CU
14.06.2011 01:00
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

What poet can not express in songs,
Mairead you can express with violin...
What painter can not show in photos,
Mairead you can show with smile...
What an artist can not show in sculptures,
Mairead you can show with dance...

What the eye can see ?
What The Heart can feel ?
Mairead can play on violin, and
Celtic Woman can sing in Beautiful songs!

Please come to Croatia...
Best Regards for you and of course for the Celtic Woman!!!
09.06.2011 18:46
bobby joiner

lass is the greatest of all time!
09.06.2011 05:55

Do we need to replace the phrase,"coochie coochie coo" with 'culchie culchie coo?" Just wondering. Enjoy those 99's and that groovy Bach vibe from Leipzig.
New Mexico USA
04.06.2011 20:33
Donnatella LaRose

You are gorgeous and I love the way you play fiddle and dance on the Concert DVDs for Celtic Woman, I just read on your site you did the violin for Tinker Bell and Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, I love those movies and you play fantastically on those!

Love the concert DVDS and I have your album!
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