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07.09.2011 20:30
Michael Fitzgerald

A chara Iníon Nesbitt,

I was once again privileged to enjoy Celtic Woman in all its splendor, this time in Atlanta and during a very special taping. I will also be present this evening when the second concert takes wings. The love and support of your audience is a physical thing that moves out and around you. I am honored to experince this marvel. Thank you so very much for sharing your immense talent in this way with so many.

Le gean,

06.09.2011 02:01

I see your sweet look in the universe infinite...
greetings ,again from rabitt's land
03.09.2011 03:54
Wiise Swan Zenphi

Hello I would to say put fiddle to the middle.
30.08.2011 22:37
Stephanie E.

Hey, guess who! Yes it's me, I know you're probably thinking " Why on earth does this girl keep sighing my guestbook over and over again!!!"Honestly, I have no clue! Anyhoo, I just wanted to say hi, again. Hope you all are doing well. I was looking at the Celtic Woman website and I saw that you lovely ladies are coming to Denver, CO later this year!!! just want to know if that's true... I'm still trying to convince my mom to let me learn to play the violin or fiddle, still failing to convince her... I'll stop babbling. Hope to see you ladies soon!!!
29.08.2011 11:48
Douglas Thornstone

You are the most beautiful thing this world has. God Bless You
17.08.2011 03:13
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

And this night like so many nights before,
my night shift shortens the Celtic Woman DVD...
Celtic Woman (DVD) is always with me,
your music gives me strength every moment of my life!
My Croatian Heart wants to see your live concert in Croatia!
My Croatian Heart wants to see your Smile and listen your violin in live concert because;

You Raise Me Up!!!
16.08.2011 19:24


I have seen you perform with Celtic Woman on TV and am incredibly impressed with what you do. Your playing is amazing! It is just gorgeous. In high school, I played flute in marching band so I know how movement affects playing an instrument. However, I am mystified how you dance so beautifully and energetically without missing a single note and maintaining a tone that is spectacular. I love it. I really am a huge fan!
14.08.2011 15:38
Abhishek Srivastav

Dear Lady,

In India we are out of Good Violinist. I am into Musica Educatios, I mean Music Education and we teach Piano, Guitar and Vocals. We recently started Violin too.

Being a Christian I try exploring good Music/Song over the net and came across yours and Smith's (Celtic dueling violins) performance.
I was amazed to see you both playing.

Take it as an appreciation: You both are very good.

Without taking much of your time, best of Luck for your Future and When ever You visit India then if possible do visit us.

I have attached my email Id.

Hope to be in contact.

Warm Regards,
A. Srivastav.
11.08.2011 19:17
Mieke Verbeke

Dear Mairead,

My daughter is 5 years old and play now 1 year the violin. She loves it. She was 2 years old when she ask for the violin. She love's looking at you when you play the violin. We want to go to antwerp on 22 sept, but everthing is full. It was a disappointment for her.
Have you a picture for her? We looked for a good poster or picture of you on internet, but found no.
Hope to here from you soon.
Mieke Verbeke and Anika Neels (5y)
Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
11.08.2011 02:20
Thorsten Erichsen

Dear Mairead,
the song "jesu joy of menīs desiring" is for me the best song, that my ears hear in my whole life. I know the song since I am 5 years old. I am from Germany and listen there to the german lyrics "Jesu bleibet meine Freude" Every time when I am sad, I listen to that song and feel good. And I do so since 30 years... When I hear that song when you and the other woman singing it....itīs a feeling, I think there are no words for in every language. Thank you for singing! My English is not so good, so excuse me for the mistakes. I hope god bless you and the other woman of "celtic woman" more than I can pray for! Thorsten
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