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05.11.2011 22:35
Olivia Barker

TINKER BELL IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
03.11.2011 03:27

... You are the Best of the Bests.

A friendly hug

Alejandro from Chile, SouthAmerica.
27.10.2011 21:26
Dennis K

Mairead, I'm very curious. As animated as you are when you play during live performances, what are you like when you're in the studio? Do you have some flexibility to move around or are you 'wired down'? Do you feel your animation to be an integral function while you're playing? Dennis K. Pennsylvania, USA
27.10.2011 14:16

Hi Mairead!! I really enjoyed to watch yesterday's concert in Tokyo!! I've got a lot of strength from your live performance!! Thank you so much and please come to Japan again soon!!!
22.10.2011 20:39

when are you come too Sweden? I whant too see you live thogether whit celtic woman!
21.10.2011 15:51

Yes, I am sure that was the BEST concert I have ever been to!!! It was GREAT seeing Celtic Woman in Osaka---finally!! I have been waiting too many years for you to come back! Everyone on stage looked like they were having so much fun. It would be impossible for anyone in the audience to not have fun!!! I don't know why you are in Osaka for only one concert!! If you have 3 concerts in Tokyo, you should have 3 in Osaka, also!! If you did, of course I would go to every one of them!
19.10.2011 21:00
Whitney Wallace

Your doing very good fiddle. keep up the good work.
17.10.2011 20:41
R. Scott

Aw, nuts. Pats 20, Cowboys 16. Up the Pats, eh? Oh, Pooh!!!!!!!! I can't Bear it. The Cowboys need a Winnie . . . . . er, a win. Heh heh. Oh well. Have a grand time in Japan.
15.10.2011 14:43
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead;)

Please; Forgive me if I'm boring you...

Today is my Birthday and I want to send you a Big Kiss!
I can not celebrate my birthday without your violin,
and without your smiles and without songs of Celtic Woman !
Big Kiss for Celtic Woman!!!

Forever Your Croatian Fan...
10.10.2011 23:14
Stephanie E.

Hi, it's me again, and again and again. I'm writing this for two reasons, 1. I would be greatful if you could tell Lisa and Chloe to PLEASE get their guestbooks up and running... JK, but I would be very happy. Hey, I could start signing their guestbooks then just signing yours over and over again. Hope you and the others are feeling okay. Alright now for my second reason, I'm soooo excited to go to this up-coming concert in Denver, but I don't think I'll be able to go. I went to the concert in Texas and I loved it. I was the on who tried to meet you wonderful people in person, but it wasn't meant to happen. I was hopping that I would have more luck this time, but seeing as I'm most likely not going... Anyhoo, I'll stop. Hpoe you ladies are having a great time.

Stephanie E.
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