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18.05.2011 22:58
Stephanie E.

Hey, I'm such a huge fan of all your music, but my all time favorite song of yours is Granulilies's Dance. That song just makes me feel so energized. You have inspired me to try the Fiddle. I absolutely suck at it but I'm determined to learn this amazing instrument. Sorry, I'm babbling... Thank you for everything and I'm going to see you and the other Celtic Women in person!!!! I'm sooooo excited... Sorry, for babbling again.
17.05.2011 21:20
Scott Manke

Dear Máiréad,

Thank you for your kindness from a distance to a fan in San Antonio. Edd Nesbitt is from Mexico and has tried for two years to see you live in concert. He endured miles of red tape to gain entry to the states for that. The wave and shout out to him yesterday was very kind and he is so happy. Thank you, Máiréad, and have fine rest of the tour and safe travels to Japan, home, and for the German tour.

Cheers, Scott
17.05.2011 06:29
Robert Scott

Bon voyage to you and your friends as you head to Japan, then back to home and then to Europe. Godspeed to you all.
Robert Scott
New Mexico USA
17.05.2011 06:27
Robert Scott

A certain poet from Colorado USA just recently made his 10,000th post on your forum, Mairead. It has been an honor and privelege to know him and to call him a Christian brother. It has been an equal honor to be your fan and supporter. Bon voyage as you prepare to head to Japan and then back home and then to Europe and beyond. Thank you for allowing me to share with you.
Robert Scott
New Mexico USA
16.05.2011 03:32
João Luiz Rodrigues

What is the correct address to send letters to Celtic Woman?
15.05.2011 19:37
Kat H

HI i luv ur music it is sooooo cool!!!! BTW: I luv u soo much that i tried violin cuz i wanted 2 b like u! I luv violin now and i want to b a Celtic Woman fiddler just like you! I love you and you are a great role model!

Love Ya!,
Katie H
15.05.2011 20:09
Ralf Permien

Dear Mairead,

i was so happy - can see you live in Hamburg CCH in june but all my efforts to get a ticket were in vain. All tickets are sold out. Now i feel al little bit sad but i hope, you come back to Hamburg soon!!!
I wish you a wonderful, sunny time in our beautiful city.
See you (on video, DVD, youtube etc.)

Many greetings fom Hamburg, Ralf
14.05.2011 01:12
Michael Fitzgerald

Iníon chara Nesbitt,

I was personally relieved and delighted when I was informed of the tour in Japan, it will no doubt raise the spirits of a severely tried but valiant people, and also increase the aid they need so desperately. Thank you.

Le gean,

12.05.2011 21:31
Mathew S. Weems

Dear Mairead,
Thanks for the kind reply and for everyone in the towns affected by the storm, thank you for thinking of us. We're getting "a little bit stronger."

11.05.2011 21:00
larry joachim

i have all the dvd's and most of the music. love it all!!! just want to say i am in love with you and if you are single that would be great. you are so talented and gorgeous it isn't fair to other women. yes the other girls in the group are pretty but sweetie you are a knockout. such a little package but really dynamite in looks and movement--so much energy. always wishing you would jump into my lap. love larry
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