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27.05.2011 01:40
Juan L

Why tell me why,tell me why ,tell me why...
from Spain allways
26.05.2011 01:23
Stefan Macri

Dear Mairead,

i thought a long time about what i´ll say to you, but i can´t find words that describes how i feel when i listen to your music and see you smiling ..... so all i want to say is thank you for everything . Take care of you, God bless you !!! Greetings from germany,

25.05.2011 19:10
stephanie E.

Dear Mairead,

I just have one more thing to say and than I'll stop E-mailing you sooooo much.:) So just as a side-note to my email yesterday, you and the others looked absolutely stunning in the dresses on sunday. Hope you have a great time where ever you are now!!!!

P.S. Tell the others I said hi, and that I thought that they lookes stunning too!!!

Stephanie E.
25.05.2011 15:34
Marino Gluhaković

Dear Mairead:)

Who has not seen Celtic Woman...
Who has not listened your songs...
Who has not listened your violin...
Who has not seen your wonderful magic smile...

Such The man will not believe that Fairies really do exist...

I believe in Fairies...
I believe that one day Celtic Woman have their first concert in Croatia!

Srdačan Pozdrav iz Hrvatske...
25.05.2011 07:52

Simply Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! im from Peru and i find amazingly beautifull the way you play the violin and the music its great!!!!
Thanks for playing the violin!!
25.05.2011 06:59
R Scott

Well, M, it was nice to see you at a concert where you were in the audience for a change!!! I am so glad your Tokyo experience started off so well. Enjoy the rest of it and then the ride home.
R. Scott
24.05.2011 18:30
Stephanie E.

Dear Mairead,

I don't know where to start, I went to your last performance on sunday and I'm still speechless. You and the other Celtic Woman were so amazing. When I saw you and the others, I was so excited that I nearly jumped out of my seat. I wish that I could see you all again, but I don't know if I ever will again. I nealy tackled you to the floor when I recognized the intro to Granulie's Dance. Just kidding, but I was so happy that I nearly fell out of my seat. So, I just want to say thank you for everything and especially for playing my favorite song.

Stephanie E.
23.05.2011 07:04
Michael Fitzgerald

Mo stóirín óg Iníon Nesbitt,

Is é seo deireadh an turas eile fós, ach nach bhfuil sé seo deireadh an tséasúir, tá níos mó le teacht i mbliana. Tar éis an tSeapáin, is féidir leat dul abhaile chuig cairde agus teaghlaigh. Bain sult as an t-am chun tú féin chun an iomláine, tá tú cinnte thuill sé.

Le gean Máiréad,

23.05.2011 04:19
Clifford Crate

Having just discovered Celtic Woman, and thereby you, this last December, I will tell you that all of y'all are such awesome performers. But you take it even higher. Your seemingly boundless energy always amazes me. Perhaps one day I will be able to see you live, until then I will just pray that God blesses you richly in all that you do.
22.05.2011 20:31
James Roy

love your performance in Wichita Falls! one question where do you get all your energy? You are an amazing performer!
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