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10.04.2014 01:32
Robert Scott

Well, Mairead-on-Parade, you are in my home state of New Mexico right now. I wish you a most pleasant stay and the best for your concert tonight even though I am unable to be there in Albuquerque. You will see a few familiar faces there anyhow. Hope you come back to New Mexico soon.
Robert Scott
26.03.2014 07:27
Dorothy Bolton

Just returned home from your concert in Everett, WA and am simply awe struck by your performance. Your talent and energy made the show outstanding. It is plain to see you love what you do and I was over joyed watching you. Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us all.
20.03.2014 03:17

This is the first (and probably only) time I will ever write a fan letter in my life, but after seeing another tremendous Celtic Woman performance on TV, I feel compelled to write you.

Besides your remarkable technical abilities on the fiddle, in my 48 years on this planet I have never seen any other performer who can compare to your astonishing stage presence and your ability to have such a direct emotional connection with your audience. I literally weep with joy when I watch you perform. If Mozart had been a fiddle player, he would have been you.

Thank you.
07.03.2014 19:22

I started playing piano when I was four, I've never had a lesson in my life but I play many instruments now,but the fiddle has a grudge against me. I live in a very backwooded area in the foothills of Virginia and only a blessing from God would give me a chance to get my music noticed, to me music is my perfect drug, and I see the same in you. You are an amazing artist and a Goddess to boot. Let's make beautiful music together :)
07.03.2014 04:09

Mairead. I enjoyed the show in Elmira last year. This May I will be in Williamsport for your show again. It will be your birthday soon so I will say Happy Birthday a little early. I already have the Emerald DVD, but nothing beats a live show. See you and everyone else in May.

06.03.2014 09:02
Dave Campbell

My wife died 3 years ago & I don't have a lot left. But I was able to watch you play in Emerald. You are good medicine for an old man and his dog.
05.03.2014 22:46

I have never written to a Performer before, but after seeing you on a PBS Documentry, I must say it was the BESTperfromance that I have ever seen by a musician. Thank you for your Talent and your Hard Work.
26.02.2014 05:14
Kevin McGraw

Hi Mairead,
You gave a terrific performance tonight. It was wonderful to see you again. I was glad to see some old faces. I did miss the old gang. Best wishes to all of them. The tap dance guys were excellent. Thank you for the butterfly. It's one of my favs. It's a highlight in my life when you come here to tour.
Blessings to you and yours and to those suffering from the heavy rains and flooding in Ireland.
Best regards, Kevin
23.02.2014 04:41

You took my breath away when I saw you in Pensacola. The precision and graceful performance was just masterful. Thanks to you and the other ladies of Celtic Women for bringing music to a new level of joy and entertainment. I am forever a fan.
23.02.2014 02:47
Jerry Chesnut

Mairead I forgot to complete my thought. I see you as the worlds best violinist, and I can't think of a prettier one than you either. Jerry
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